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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Pokemon Gym
Sear/Charmeleon (pending) Hyperio/Pidgeotto (able) Eltry/Zubat (pending) Pince/Paras (able) Viceroy/Butterfree (able) Togue/Mankey (able)
Partner: Dusty/Sandslash
Points: 36[37]

Charlie smiled and nodded.
Charlie: "Okay Sear let's go!"

Pokemon Using: Charmeleon
Foe's Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Pokemon's Points: 16
Foe's Points: 12
Bonus: -4 (type and evo bonus)
Pokemon Points after: 8
Foe's Points: 0
Sear jumped into to battle. She reached forward and scratched the Bulbasaur. Aroma responded by throwing Sear into the air with Vine Whip and then tackled her on the way to the ground. Sear moved quickly to return the favor with a bite and then tossed the Bulbasaur into the air. A burst of fire finished off the Bulbasaur as it fell to the ground with a thud.
Aroma Fainted!

Pokemon Using: Charmeleon
Foe's Pokemon: Tangela
Pokemon's Points: 8
Foe's Points: 18
Bonus: -4(type and evo)
Pokemon's Points: 0
Foe's Pokemon: 6
Sear jumped in quick to gain a quick lead with a scratch attack. She was stopped by a vine and flung backward. She released a jet of flame before falling back. A tentacle then slammed down on her knocking her into the ground.
Sear fainted.

Charlie: "Go Eltry!"
Pokemon Using: Zubat
Foe's Pokemon: Tangela
Pokemon's Points: 8
Foe's Points: 6
Bonus: -4 (double type bonus)
Pokemon's Points: 6
Foe's Points: 0
The Zubat flies in with a supersonic. It sweeps through with an air cutter to finish off the Tangela but is unable to avoid crashing.
The Tangela faints.
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