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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Here is how it should

Pokemon Using: Charmeleon
Foe's Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Pokemon's Points: 16
Foe's Points: 12
Bonus: -7(-5 type, -2 evo since its under ten)
Pokemon Points after: 11
Foe's Points: 0
Bulbasaur faints

Pokemon Using: Charmeleon
Foe's Pokemon: Tangela
Pokemon's Points: 11
Foe's Points: 18
Bonus: -5(type, since the evolution is not obtainable int his game it doesnt count)
Pokemon's Points: 0
Foe's Pokemon: 2
Charmeleon faints

Charlie: "Go Eltry!"
Pokemon Using: Zubat
Foe's Pokemon: Tangela
Pokemon's Points: 8
Foe's Points: 2
Bonus: -(no bonus under level 5)
Pokemon's Points: 6
Foe's Points: 0

Location: Entering Celadon Gym


Side Pokemon;

Red watched the battle. Charlie did pretty good for her first time. Stacy calls back her pokemon and two of the gardeners come and collect them to get healed right away. Stacy walks up to Charlie with a big smile on her face.

" That was an amazing first gym battle Charlie! Im really impressed by how strong you are becoming. Here in the Celadon City Gym we try to teach patience and understanding. Please make sure you spend a lot of time learning each of your pokemons strengths and weaknesses! This is the Rainbow Badge [img][/img] It is symbol of your achievement. The first in many I hope. You are also awarded this little guy. From behind Stacy a Ekans slivers out. While it may seem strange that a grass gym would give out Ekans, we like to look at life as a fine balance !
(the badge will cost Charlie 5 points)

Stacy attention moves to Meghan.

Celadon City Gym Leader Stacy

"It would be my honor to defend this gym against such a wonderful Trainer..Dont go easy Meghan, because Im not!" Stacy winks

Exeggcute Lv 30

Nintails Lv 35

Vileplume Lv 50

Venusaur Lv 50

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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