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Default Re: Minecraft/Pokemon IA thoughts

Originally Posted by Sheepat View Post
I'll try to participate. It sounds pretty awesome. What would be pretty neat is if we treated it like a real Minecraft world - there is not set story line, just you making your own story.
Actually, there was a storyline to it. It's mostly exploration of the environment, but not all of it is that. The main bit is, you're an amnesiac stowaway that happened to get caught in a nasty storm. You woke up, stole several pieces of unguarded equipment, and managed to get on a lifeboat-which is where we start off. We'll get to an island shortly thereafter where the real adventure begins. There is a plot-aside from local intrigue in each area, there's also the overarching theme of surviving and escaping the island-which I can assure you will become infinitely more complicated than you are guessing.

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
I don't know exactly if I understand what an Interactive Adventure is, but it sounds fun.
Will Minecraft physics apply, and will there be Minecraft Mobs running around. (everyone secretly loves Creepers =P)

Yes Pixelmon is a cool mod.
An Interactive Adventure is set up so that one person-the narrarator-posts a scene. The participating group suggests ideas for the character to do. The Narrarator then posts back, picking some of the ideas for the character to do and executing them, and the process repeats until conclusion. Or death.

The world is treated somewhat more realistically-though some obvious injects of Minecraft are there, IE Creepers, Endermen, Nether Portals, ect. Explained, but there. That being said, expect weird things when Minecraft Physics occur.

Pixelmon IS a cool mod. In the IA, Pokemon are also going around the place. Even Legends, if you're looking hard enough-and every one there CAN be caught. All Pokemon have abilities that will definitely help your survival-for instance, Water-Types are unlimited sources of freshwater. Of course, several are just as vicious as the hostile Mobs-and unlike the Mobs, they do NOT burn up in sunlight (Of course, the night-bound mobs are more dangerous than the hostile Pokemon.)

I cannot say too much. If I get a little more support, I might just launch it. It's my first time doing an IA, but I'm determined to do it good.
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