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Default Re: More advertisements

Though I joined late in PE2K's history, was there ever a time when Ryan was really active (except maybe the first month)? Even Sarah stated herself that he wasn't very active when she joined in '05 and he hasn't been active when I joined years later.

I think the best way to attract new trainers is (dare I say it) find a way to divert and monopolize on the traffic from other big Pokémon forums. As a part of a small One Piece forum, when the big forum Arlong Park went down temporarily, a bit of the traffic went to the small forum I'm a part of. Thus, finding a way to direct the traffic from Bulbagarden, Pokébeach and Marriland to PE2K should gradually rope people.

Tbh I think the biggest disadvantage for PE2K is the sheer number of Pokémon forums. In addition to the two I mentioned above, there's also the high traffic Serebii (which I would bet y'all wouldn't want a large part of their traffic, especially forum-wise) and Smogon (same deal). With so many forums for the same basic franchise, we would need some gimmick that sets us apart from the crowd.

For example, our biggest attribute is (or was) our sprite resource and art boards. If we can get that to draw a crowd we could get our share of the traffic.
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