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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

(Obliveon when battling a shadow pokemon, please add a +5 to their bonus, shadow type beats all other types. Since this is your first time battling one I just wanted to give you a heads up. The battle will end up costing you. 4 points unless you send another pokemon to finish it off.

If you choose to capture a shadow Mareep please make sure you read the rules posted on the front of GECA SILVER. There are some rules to having one..If you dont catch on this time, there will be more!)

Location: mmmmm pretty lady..


Other Items:

Charmander's Egg

As the last of the three shadow Mareep are defeated they take off. The young lady calls out.
"Please you have to help me get my Mareep back ! Ill do anything."

Seth pauses for a moment. His better nature was pushing him towards tricking her. Seth looks at her.
"We will help gather the Mareep but we are going to have to collect a few to bring with us the city. Hopefully we can find a cure for this their. " The young lady seems unsure but Seth weaves his web.

"This darkness will spread, we have seen it before. Please allow us to do this for you while you tend your herd. "
The girl sighed and agreed.

Seth looked at the others
"lets go and round up some Mareep!"

Shadow Mareep

Shadow Mareep



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