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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“I’m gonna get some air.” Kiseki said after standing up from his seat, only to have a sleepy Aiden join the table.

“Every time someone says that lately, something goes wrong.” Ichiru joked as he looked at his twin, bringing Ashley to give a slight smile. Kiseki didn't say anything however, instead responding with a smile before leaving the house.

“…I have a feeling I missed something big.” Aiden said, bringing Kotomi to look over to him with a smile of her own.

"Nah, everything's fine." Kotomi responded as she placed her hand over his.

Back in the woods Caroline had explained every little detail that was going on with her to Kevin, even the part where she had killed five college students two days ago. Kevin studied Caroline for a few moments to see if he could find any possible traits that she were only joking, but Kevin knew Caroline wouldn't do that, which caused his features to turn serious.

"Now listen to me, Caroline." Kevin spoke, the seriousness in his tone. "Don't beat yourself up over killing humans. We're Vampires, Caroline. It's in our nature... our instinct. There's no reason to be upset over this."

"But all I want is human blood now." Caroline responded with a shake of her head. "There are two human children in the house! I keep smelling their fresh blood..."

"I know you won't ever hurt them though." Kevin said as his features softened. "You love them far too much, and that love is what's keeping you at check when it comes to Abigail and Scarlet."

"I guess." Caroline sighed, looking down. "All I want to do right now is feed from a human..."

"Then let's go hunting." Kevin smirked as he stood up, to which Caroline stood to her feet as well. "I know you don't want to kill humans, but what if I taught you the 'Snatch, Eat, Erase' tactic?"

"What's that?" Caroline asked in confusion.

"It's where a Vampire compels a human to stay still and quiet while they feed on them, then the Vampire feeds only a small amount of blood from the human, and then finally the Vampire compels the human to forget everything that happened. So many Vampires do this." Kevin responded. "As for your hallucinations... I don't know what to do about that. We should really tell the others-"

"No!" Caroline interrupted. "If we tell the others about the hallucinations then they might not let me help Kotomi!"

"But you're the one who is going crazy now!" Kevin argued.

"Maybe if I stop feeling guilty about feeding on humans then the hallucinations will go away." Caroline said, the Vampire thinking over the whole situation. "The hallucinations have all been about how much of a monster I've become and that I'm a danger to everyone... but if I get the cravings under control then maybe the hallucinations will stop."

"It's a theory..." Kevin looked down as he thought over Caroline's words. "And if it doesn't work?"

"Then we'll tell the others." Caroline nodded, bringing the Original to look back up at her. "Let's just see if this will work... maybe it will."

"Fine." Kevin caved in as he nodded.

"I just can't imagine the others knowing about this... and about me killing five humans. What would Kiseki think if he ever found out?" Caroline turned around when feeling tears burning in her eyes. "He would hate me..."

"No one could ever hate you." Kevin spoke softly as he placed a hand on Caroline's shoulder. "You're still the same loving, caring and bubbly person you've always been. We just have to get your blood lust under control." Caroline nodded, the two still completely unaware of Kiseki being there as Caroline wiped the tears away from her sapphire eyes.

"Let's go hunting then." Caroline said, bringing Kevin to nod as the two Vampires used their speed to leave Fell's Church for a little while.

Kevin and Caroline headed South from Fell's Church but only ventured five towns away so they wouldn't be too far from home, the two ending up in a large mall where humans were constantly walking. Kevin and Caroline traveled in various stores to blend in and even went as far as relaxing at the food plaza for a little while, the two ordering food though all Caroline wanted was blood. After the two finished their meal they walked the busy hallways again until Caroline's attention shifted towards a teenaged girl walking out of the mall, Kevin's gaze following the blonde's for a moment and saw the redhead.

"Good pick. She's young and healthy." Kevin commented, the two following the girl from a distance. The prey was no more than sixteen years old, though her young age didn't seem to concern Caroline as she continued to follow.

"When should we walk up to her?" Caroline whispered as they followed the girl to a parking-lot, the girl walking towards the back of the mall where she would cut through the short forest, cross a busy street and then only have to walk a block until she safely reached her house.

"When she goes into the woods." Kevin whispered back, seeing the redheaded teenager walking towards a narrow path in the woods. The two then followed her, waiting until they walked a little further into the woods before Kevin nodded.

"Excuse me!" Caroline called out to get the girl's attention, the redhead stopping and turning around to face Caroline and Kevin.

"Yeah?" The girl asked in confusion, her pale green eyes staring into Caroline's piercing sapphire ones.

"You're not going to run, scream or do anything. When I'm finished, you will forget this ever happened." Caroline spoke in a steady tone, a glaze falling over the young girl's eyes from Caroline's strong compulsion. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." The girl nodded, to which Caroline broke eye contact to look at Kevin for guidance.

"You can do this." Kevin said with a nod, the Original taking a few steps back to give Caroline some space. Caroline nodded back, her attention shifting back to the girl standing in front of her. Caroline felt her own fangs pierce out of her gums as her eyes completely changed, the girl's glazed eyes widening in fear but didn't move or scream. Caroline then lunged forward and sank her fangs deeply into the girl's neck, the girl only giving out a low gasp.

Kevin watched as Caroline drank heavily from the girl and to the point where the teenager lost consciousness from the blood-loss, though Kevin didn't intervene.

"You need to find the will to stop, Caroline." Kevin instructed, knowing that if he pulled Caroline off of the girl then she would never learn how to control the blood lust. "If you continue to drink then you'll kill her." Caroline didn't want to stop but Kevin's words triggered something, the female Vampire forcing her fangs to disappear as she let the girl's body fall to the ground. Kevin quickly knelt down beside the girl and healed her wound, hearing her slow heartbeat.

"Is she going to be okay?" Caroline asked as her face went back to normal, Kevin nodding as he stood up once the wound was healed.

"She will be." Kevin responded, looking over to Caroline with a smile. "You did it."

"I did." Caroline said with excitement, pure joy and happiness showing on her face as she tightly hugged Kevin. Kevin returned her tight hug, though a few moments later the Original connected his lips with Caroline's. This took her completely off guard which caused her to remain frozen for a few moments, though it looked as though she was letting Kevin kiss her since she couldn't move away. When Kevin broke the kiss he stared at her in wonder, Caroline still not being able to move.

"I umm..." Caroline finally spoke, though her voice was shaky. "I need to go." Caroline then used her speed to run back towards Fell's Church, leaving Kevin in the woods in silence.

"Crap." Kevin whispered, leaving the girl's unconscious body in the woods and took off in the same direction as Caroline.
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