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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

Originally Posted by Knuckles View Post
Once Black/White 2 touch down here (for those that haven't got a Japanese copy) activity will do one of two things; stay like it is or increase. Hopefully the latter.. smaller clans might boost activity a bit, but it also leaves the potential for newcomers to open up clans as well.. some spontaneous... A lot of what killed battling especially for WiFi was the lack of a level balance for WiFi, that coupled with dream world abilities, and the slew of new pokemon, people aren't as compelled to raise and perfect new ones. Also the higher presence of weather teams and their dominance has pretty much boiled things down to having the better constructed weather team as opposed to teams fitting playstyles and conditions. I want to say the change in tier list has something to do with it, but i can't argue that point
Honestly, my first time posting and visiting here in months. From what I remember, even with a new game releasing the activity barely rose or didn't even budge.
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