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Meanwhile, at Team Rocket HQ in Viridian City...

Giovanni has just received word that Loki was dead. The Boss, whom has aspects from Al Capone, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Whitey Bulger, was speaking in front of a good percentage of his followers. He had brainwashed Ash Ketchum into believing he was Giovanni's son, despite the fact that Giovanni killed Ash's real father before the famous Pokemon Trainer was born.

"I have grave news for all of Team Rocket from our new Knight Island base. Executive Loki... is DEAD! And the little bastard that killed him was one of two survivors on our raid three months ago, looking for his n***er girlfriend, whom we had captured. But he found her alright, and Loki was MURDERED! That pr**k will PAY FOR THIS! I have come prepared.... and have chosen a new heir to Team Rocket.. my 'Son'... Ash Ketchum!"
Giovanni announced, with the speaking power of a certain German dictator.

Ash was being escorted by his new 'girlfriend', Rocket Executive Isis. Isis seemed to be Hispanic, wearing a robe with the Rocket logo on it.

"You ready, Ash?" Isis asked.

"You bet I am, Isis!" Ash exclaimed.
As Ash showed himself to the crowd, Giovanni continued speaking.

"Ash is part of our Chaos Executive initiative, and so is his lovely ladyfriend Isis!" Pikachu was elsewhere at the time, probably with its Trainer's "Father"'s Persian.

Arceus was PISSED while watching this from the heavens, and used telepathy to contact Team Snagem Head Gonzap in the Orre region.

"First the Knight Island incident... NOW THIS?! Gonzap, it is I, ARCEUS! I would like a word with you!" The Pokemon-God told Gonzap.

Gonzap heard this from the newly renovated Snagem base.

"Can't you see Team Snagem is STILL mourning the loss of Nigel Damon?! Well, at least his son Eric is alive. I know why you contacted me. We must exact our REVENGE!" Gonzap retorted.

Back in the heavens, Arceus contacted all other legendary Pokemon, from Articuno to Zekrom, for an emergency Legendary council.

Dialga, for one, knew that the council only met once a century, and it had only been ninety-one years, eleven months, nineteen days, three hours, and forty-two seconds, and asked Arceus through telepathy why it was being called so early.

"Dialga, I have grave news. All but two of our most devout followers, the peaceful yet modernized tribes of Knight Island, are DEAD! I know it has been a few months, but we must wage.... WAR ON TEAM ROCKET! We will make up for this one hundred years from now, so no complaining. Now gather the other gods!" Arceus explained.

Dialga silently obeyed.

Meanwhile at Mewtwo's lair....
Eric and Peggy were resting in the same bed...

"Eric.. I have something to tell you." Peggy said, putting both hands on her stomach.

"What is it, my love?" Eric asked?

Peggy sighed...

"I'm pregnant." Peggy explained.

Pachirisu's jaw dropped in sheer amazement.

"Did that WANKER Loki do anything to you before I killed him!? Where did he touch you?! Why didn't you tell me this when I rescued you? Well, at least Loki's where he belongs: In Hell!" Eric said, panicking, almost falling off the bed.

"Chillax! It's YOUR baby! Arceus told me before Loki even laid a FINGER on me. What's wrong witchu?!" She replied.

"Is it a boy or a girl? I like the name Leroy for a boy, if you wanted me two cents." Eric asked.

Peggy said "I don't know quite yet. It hasn't even been that long. Ruki is a good name for the baby if it's a girl."

Eric nodded, and our interracial lovebirds went back to sleep.

Mewtwo was contacted by Arceus, but would wait until the next morning to tell our young lovers about the aftermath of Loki's demise.

(to be continued)

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