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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Frita
Location: Pkmn Center
Team: Wildfire [OK], Furr [OK], Natu [OK], Spark [OK], Unown F [OK], Abra Egg, Krabby Egg, Sprout [GONE]
Points: 35

[Can Frita carry Mareep around since Sprout was stolen?]

Frita healed her Pokemon, including her new Mareep. It released itself from it's Pokeball. "Mar. Mareep." It butted Frita's leg and she petted it's head. "Mareep!" The Mareep let out a flurry of sparks and began to glow.

Pokemon You're Evolving: Mareep
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Flaffy
Evolution Point Requirement: 15
Points On-Hand: 35
Points After Evolution: 20
Link to stats: Click Skarmory

"Guess it liked me more than I thought." Frita mumbled as a brand new Flaffy looked up at her.
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