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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Char rushed up the stairs to face the captain. As she stepped onto the top level she found a dark haze surrounding him. She called out and got no response. He had been turned around facing the water the whole. Char took out the sword and rushed at him. She stopped with in inches and stopped. She then grabbed him by the shoulder and as he turned she feel back. The man she had been expecting to see was not a man at all. He was a boy...He was Max....Char jumped back. The young max seemed to be expressionless. His eyes were a deep dead black. Unsure of what was going on Chars thoughts scattered. Why did Captain Dredd look like had Max been able to help her in Articunos soul. Before she could ask questions dark energy poured out of the young man

The dark creature fell out knocking Char back down the stairs.

Meanwhile Young Max who had been grabbed during his communication Moon was being dragged to the plank. The young boy looked down into the sharpedo infested waters. His big eyes seemed to widen at the thought.
"Im going to be torn to shreds ! Wholey Moley ! " Max screamed out.

The young ball screamed out, "Snot Face !!!" Moments later the little shiny monkey jumped down onto one of the pirates.

During the struggle Max got pushed to the edge and fell over. He held onto the plank with both hands as the cardboard pirates fought it out with the Aipom.

In the real world.
(Fixing plot holes and here we go.)

Gold hadnt had a vision of the future in a long time. It almost felt like he was back to normal again until he hit the ground. While out cold his mind connected with Maxs who seemed to be all over. Maxs warning to Gold helped him figure out what was going on.
(One for me...)

After Gold was back up Spin rushed over to check on Markus. She noticed that he had also gotten some clothes ripped. Something must have done this searching. Looking over Markus she had hoped he wasnt in to much pain. Looking at his arm she noticed a burn that seemed to still be spreading. Unknown to anyone other then the Markus and Dredd the stones had been held by Markus. The Dreddacuno had taken them back.
(Plot holes fixed )

Before Gold could even make a move Max had contacted Moon. After that moment Moon focused a little. The memory seemed to just flow out. Something had happened in the after life. Maybe Scar had helped fix her mind. She seemed to remember exactly what to do. Moon looked at Gold telling him to follow her..She knew that this was once her project. They were going to need to get Markus to the chambers as well.

Inside the doll Markus and Seraphina, waited for memory to play its course. As the rain continued to pour Maxs looked into the crowd.
"Its because of all of this that Lance needs to brought to justice! " Max looks over as two men get up.
"You can not shut me up! This was Lance's fault ! The elite four are a team of criminals ! " The two men come up and grab Max. As they do they kick over the box of broken pokeballs. Max screams out.
"You cant treat people like this...these people died because of the careless actions of the pokemon league representatives!"

The memory starts to change. Markus and Sera seem to float above it. They watch as it goes to different place. In a dark hallway two men drag Max to a strange room. Once in the room Max is chained down. The all grey room has two chairs a steel table and a big mirror on the right side. The door behind Max opens and Lance walks in. Lance sits down in the chair. Max looks at the man, Maxs face bruises all over it. He smiles and then spits in Lances face.
"This isnt finished Lance...No matter what you do here..I will come for will pay for what you did. You and the others will pay for unlessing the clown freaks on my friends." Maxs eyes fill with water.
"You are going to pay for all the pokemon you killed !" Max tries to get out. To jump at Lance but cant move.

Lance smiles.
"Those freaks are doing what no one else has ever done, they are creating true power...Now what she we do with you..."

Markus and Sera move back as the memory seems to light on fire.
"Help .....Me......." echos through there minds and the two spirits are spat back out into the house.

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