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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Char landed hard pulling herself back to her feet. She had failed to see little max hanging over the plank. She looked up at the dark creature swirling around around the boy. Her thoughts scattered. The horrifying truth would become clear as a familiar voice entered her thoughts.
*we need to stop meeting like this* it had been the voice from dredd... As she watched the dark creature turned into smoke going back into the big..

* a little confused aren't you..max here is me..or would be proper to say we are the same. We are max but not from your time line...I don't expect your mind to full grasp this. Just know that I need max ...and you are standing in my way again..*. The anger in his voice caused the dark haze to grow thicker. Char looked up confused as to why it was now snowing. When look at dredd again he was gone. Char looked around.. In the distance a giant black bird was flying towards the ship . As it got closer the snow picked up and the waters started swirling violently.

Little got lucky and climbed back in the ship..he grabbed on tight to the side of the ship as the winds picked up blowing the pirates into the sea. Max made his to char reaching out his hand to help her from getting blown away.

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