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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

(approved evolution Emoon)

Location: Union cave


Lee was finally on the right path but it was getting late. The cave was going to be really dark if didnt hurry up. As he rushed through the grasses fields on his way to the cave he noticed a signle Mareep sitting all alone in the field.

Lee paused for a moment. He had not seen a little cotton candy colored pokemon before.

Shiny Mareep Appeared



Luna chikorita had saved the day. ( Emoon earns 2 points) The defeated Onix was called back. Now all that was left was a signle Geodude.

Further into the cave the Rattata had escaped the rock slide. Seth had slithered his way through the cave finally using his Haunter to help break through the rock. Seth fell through the hole landing a couple of feet away from Alyssa. As Seth got up he dusted himself off. As he stood up he felt the ground shake. He didnt realize that Alyssa had found away to not touch the floor. As he stood still the sound of rock cracking could be heard all around him.

"Great what did I walk into ?"

As soon as the words rolled off his tongue the ground below started to crack. The falling rocks opened up an underground fountain. Seth could move quick enough to get away and hit the back of his head sliding down into the well. Alyssa watched as Seth fell 20 feet down..There was no she could get back up if she saved him, but he would die if she did nothing.

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