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Name: Luis
Currently: Battling a Duskull
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril, Clover

After a while of searching for Pokemon in our sorroundings, I was starting to feel inside one of those games I played when I was a younger. My thoughts made me fail to see the Duskull that was approaching us from behind until Emma let out a soft gasp. "L-Luis..."

''Huh? What is it Em-'' I cut in the middle of my sentence as I turned around and saw the Duskull approaching us slowly. ''Oh, it's another one of those guys. Emma get behind me.'' Emma ran to me without looking back and hid behind me. I returned Greed to his Pokeball and send out Cage this time. They stare at each other for a while, maybe it's part of the group of Duskull's we saw alongside that Dusknoir.

''Cage use Focus Energy!'' Cage closed his eyes, trying to concentrate his power in his next move. The Duskull took advantage of the situation and attacked Cage with a Payback. Cage stiffened his body, trying not to lose his focus. ''Let's wait for him to make a move and use your Sucker Punch when he gets near you.'' Cage maintained his same pose and waited for Duskull to attack. After seeing that Cage wasn't moving Duskull used another Payback, trying to get the advantage in the match. But Cage surprised him with a Sucker Punch and also managed to land a crit in that same attack. Duskull fell slowly to the ground, unable to keep fighting.

''This is my chance. Go, Great Ball.'' The ball sucked Duskull in and began to shake as usual.
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