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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 2 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Velocity (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

The fresh battle scars on Vio-Naiís body was the only indication of her being in any kind of pain. The dragon smiled, enjoying the hard and difficult challenge this battle was giving her. I wasnít going to say anything against how she felt; this was a battle that was certainly keeping me on my toes. It was a very heated match, both literally and figuratively. Vio-Naiís wings were flapping at a much slower rate, and her left and right heads were hanging just that bit lower to her sides. She was still looking at the Bisharp laughing, but weakly and in a much quieter volume. Vio-Nai refused to show that this Bisharp had bested her, not yet anyway. She was going to test her opponent, like all mighty dragons tested their foes in battle. I took my left hand, unhooking the thumb from the edge of my pocket, and raised it with the palm facing down. Vio-Nai was looking in my general direction, and her eyes focused on my hand. I slowly lowered it, as if I was pushing some invisible surface down towards the floor. The Hydreigon followed it with her head, lowering it closer to the floor as my hand moved down to waist level.

Vio-Nai growled in compliance with my silent command. Soon her black legs touched the ground, and her two heads followed suit. Six wings wrapped around her body as she hunkered down to the floor. The smoldering ashes rose up with the moving air as the demonic beast came to ground level. Tiny bits of glowing embers and sparks followed the path the ash had taken, landing on her haunches but providing no discomfort. In fact, the embers had changed into a green colour that resembled a more liquid flow. The greenish white radiance snaked its way around Vio-Naiís body, completely encasing her in a layer of comforting energy. The glow provided a contrast to the apocalyptic setting around her, giving a feeling of hope and reminding us that there is always a way to bounce back.

As the field remained, the scars from her opponentís attacks began to fade slowly. Vio-Nai lited her head, her eyes closed to take in a moment of relief. Slowly opening them, she was reminded she was able to make some kind of comeback, though she would not be unhappy to lose to a foe such as this one. That didnít mean she was going to just let him win. No, if she was going to have it her way, things were going to go out with a bang. Her left and right heads rose from the murky floor just a bit, becoming more alert than before. Time was short, and it was only in this moment that she could take any kind of breath.

Even if it was only a single breath.

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