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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Chandler Steele
Pro Secrecy
On a train from New York to Illinois
Affected RPers: Eternal Moonlight

The following quotes are PMs Eternal Moonlight and I exchanged as we planned for a lot of character interaction but didn't want to post heaps. Any bunnying was done with permission and what is said by characters is what their owners specified


Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow
"Thanks. It isn't too safe to stand on a train. I'm Chandler." he said holding out his hand to shake.
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana grew slightly more uncomfortable, a bit hesitant on how to respond. However, after a moment or two, she ended up taking his handshake.

"I'm Serana" she replied, "it is a pretty jerky ride, yes"
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

After she told Chandler her name, there was an awkward silence.

"It will be a while until we get to Chicago and I don't feel like sitting in silence." Chandler thought,

"So what brings you out to Chicago?" he asked.
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana, whose eyes had drifted, focused on Chandler as he spoke. `She paused for a moment, a bit unsure as what to answer.

"I needed a change of scenery, you know?" `

It wasn't a lie, far from it in fact.

"What about youself?" she asked, for the sake of avoiding more heavy pauses.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

Chandler smiled at her reason. It was similar to his.

"I just needed to get out of New York. This was the first train out of there. I need some questions answered, and I won't find those answers here." Chandler responded.

Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana felt a smile tugging at her lips. His reply resonated with her as well, and in response nodded.

Somehow, they ended up conversing for the longest time, about casual things mostly, but it was still interesting none the less. In there, she had mentioned her being a university student and studying science, not remembering the exact field, left it out.

There was a certain something about him that made her feel... okay. Serana wasn't over cautious, and although she still watched her words and his actions, it was less so then usual.

"Ha, that's pretty good, but the best flavour of ice-cream is strawberry banana."

However, before Chandler could retort, the train began breaking, signalling it would once again be making a stop.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

"The train service to Chicago will be taking a one hour break. Passengers are allowed to leave the train, however it will be leaving in exactly one hour, and will not wait for any passengers who have not returned. Refunds will not be given to passengers who miss the train." said the announcer over the speaker system.

The train had stopped in a small town between New York and Chicago. Chandler had spent the train trip talking with Serena.

"I am thinking of finding a place that sells food and getting some breakfast. Do you want to come? I am sure we can find some strawberry banana ice cream, even though chocolate mint is by far the best." Chandler said.

Serena agreed, and the two got off the train and left the station, looking for some sort of cafe open for breakfast.

However the dynamic duo made the mistake of taking a short cut through an alley. At the end of the alley stood a man in a hooded jacket, holding a gun. Chandler looked behind him and saw another man, also holding a gun. They were twitchy, and had that look to them that gave away that they were drug addicts.

Chandler assumed control of the chains in his jacket, and had them slither down his sleeve, just at his wrist, if the need to fight came...
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana immediately felt trapped, but managed to remain under control. The best way about this was to try and diffuse the situation before it could get worse...

"We mean you no harm..." She stated, taking a small step backwards.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

"Money and phones!" yelled the mugger, "Now!"

He held the gun towards Chandlers head.

"Big mistake jackass." Chandler said. He flicked his right arm forward, and the chain flicked out. The chain wrapped around the wrist of the mugger's gun hand, and tightened. Chandler heard it break, as he lunges forward with his left and grabbed the gun from the muggers hand. Suddenly he heard a gunshot from the mugger behind him...
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana was horrified when Chandler lashed out against the muggers. Despite the chain, it would only take one well placed bullet to end him, and...

She turned, noticing the second had a clear shot at him. There was no time to warn him or try to pounce on the aggressor.

A slight feeling of panic welled inside, trying to figure out what to do. However, when Serana heard the gun fire, that sound seemed to snap urgency into her.

There was only one thing she could do at this point. She let out a shout and leapt forth, taking the hit to the left side. Immediately, Serana felt a searing pain coming from where the bullet had stuck. She clenched the area with both her hands, feeling tears come to her eyes. `

"D-do s...some..." she squeaked, feeling an intense burn well up as the words left her lips.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

"Serena!" Chandler yelled.

Assuming control of his chains, he levitated them into the air, and telekinetically wrapped them around the muggers necks, lifting them.

The muggers kicked and grabbed at the chains which choked them. Eventually they went still.

"Sh*t, what have I done?" Chandler said as he pulled his spare shirt from his bag. He tore a few strips from them, and tied it over the wound.

"She needs a hospital, but if I go there, I will have to tell them we were mugged, and they will link that with the dead muggers." Chandler said to himself, as he picked Serena up. All the work in the garage had made him much stronger than a 16 year old.

"Sh*t, what am I going to do?" Chandler said, as he carried Serena out of the alley, unsure of where to go
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana started to feel faint, her senses going on her. It was a horrible experience, but it felt vaguely familiar.

"It... g-going... al-ight-" talking was a chore, and it caused intense blasts of pain, and eventually, she found them too much of hassle for what was getting out

The near empty streets made it so none noticed the events... at this point anyway. After a bit of aimless wandering around, Chandler found himself in another, cleaner alley, still unsure what to do. If he didn't make choice soon though, Serana would die, her already pale skin was almost white and she was frigid to the touch.

She struggled to keep her eyes open, despite her vision having blurred already. Losing consciousness... couldn't... be... good

And, with that, Serana wasn't able to keep awake, the blood loss, internal trauma and pain taking their toll.

However, before Chandler could react to her body going limp, it simply slipped through his fingers and hovered a good 30 centimetres above the ground.

Her now translucent body simply hovered there
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

Chandler stood there shocked. In front of him was Serena, now translucent and hovering in front of him. She was unconcious, and Chandler was unable to touch her. His hands went straight through.

"What are you?" Chandler asked, shocked as to the recent events.
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana, in her current state, was unable to hear anything and even less capable of replying. Once every so often a weak pulse of light would emit from the wounded area, spreading all around her body before vanishing.

A significant amount of time passed, Chandler watching the ghost-like Serana and occasionally checking for passersby. This wouldn't be an easy thing to explain...

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, a faint glow of light consumed her body. It only lasted an instant before fading out in the blink of an eye. Serana was now lying on the ground, in solid form.

Feeling the cement below, she snapped her eyes open. Everything was quite blurry, and Serana felt rather sick.

"What... happened?"
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

"I tried to fight off the muggers. But you were shot. I'm so sorry." Chandler said quietly as he knelt over Serena.

"You did what you thought was right..." she said, looking up at him. "don't worry about it. We'll be more careful next time"

Chandler looked at his watch, and saw the time.

"We had better get back to the station." he said, helping her stand up. They slowly walked back to the station, and found some seats on the train.

"We might as well be honest. We are both far from normal." Chandler said. "I grew up in a car garage in New York. My father found me on the doorstep as a baby. He taught me everything I know about cars. Two years ago, when I was in the garage alone, we were robbed. Thats when I learnt about my powers. I can control metal."

Chandler pulled up his sleeve revealing the magnetic ball bracelet. There were at least 200 all joined together to make a metal wristband. Chandler faced his palm towards it, and the balls disconnected and spun around his palm. They connected and created a sphere, then made a thread, wrapping it around his wrist. It looked the same as it did 20 seconds prior.

"I have chains hidden in my jacket. I have never used them to fight until today."
Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight

Serana's eyes widened slightly as she watched the metal move around, at Chandler's will.

"That's... a pretty cool... power" she replied, still weak from earlier. The only sign there had been an injury was a small scar, but no other trace she had been shot.

"I'm... dead" Serana started, her eyes going to the floor. She knew there was no trying to loop around this one, he'd seen her... ghost form. Trick of light... not continuously for so long. For better or for worse, he was getting the truth.

"I can't remember... too much about what happened. I know I was attacked... and that it was very painful." She then paused, feeling a bit dizzy.

"I have... some sort of mission. I don't know what it is though... not exactly." The dizziness was unrelenting, and getting a bit weak, leaned against Chandler for support.

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow

"The train is now arriving in Chicago. Thank you for travelling with Illinois Rails."

Serena almost passed out, and Chandler couldn't help but feel guilty. When she was able to sit up by herself, Chandler spoke.

"Let me stay with you for a bit. You aren't in any state to be by yourself, and it is my fault that this happened." Chandler said, "who knows, I might be able to help you figure some stuff out, like this mission."

Dalton Amaro
Pro Secrecy
Streets of Chicago
Affected RPers: Dragotech and Eternal Moonlight

"So your asking $5000" Dalton asked the salesman at the car yard.
"Yep, $5000. Roadworthy and Registered." Replied the salesman.

In front of Dalton was a white Toyota Hilux. It was a manual 98 4 door model.

"I'll take it." Dalton said, pulling out his wallet and getting his bank card.

Within four hours Dalton had already sworn multiple times about the car.
"I swear I am gonna kill that salesman. Roadworthy my ass." He said. The car was parked on the side of the road, with the hood up, and Dalton inside attempting to figure out what was wrong with it.

Chandler Steele

"There has bound to be some place where we can crash." Chandler said to Serena as they left the station. He made sure to keep a slow pace and an eye on Serena. She was doing well for someone who had been shot earlier, but she still wasn't a picture of perfect health.

"Stupid piece of sh*t!" Chandler heard someone yell. He looked in the direction of it and found a tall man with long black hair kicking one of the front panels of a white ute.

Chandler found a seat and sat Serena down.
"I will be back in a second. I am just gonna go help this guy with his car." Chandler said as he walked over.

Dalton Amaro

"Do you want some help? I have been working on cars all my life, and might be able to get this started again." Said a voice from behind Dalton. Dalton pulled his head out from under the bonnet, hitting it in the process. Behind him was a short teenager in a blue winter jacket.
"You can try, but I think I am better off getting my money back." Dalton replied.
The teenager stuck his head under the bonnet while Dalton went to the drivers seat.

"Try now." Said the teenager. Dalton turned the key, expecting nothing to happen like usual. The car turned on, sounding healthier than before. The teenager walked over to the driver side door.

"It should stay running for a bit. But a service would go a long way. If I had the tools for it, I would do it myself for free." The teenager said, "I'm Chandler by the way."

He held out his hand to shake. Suddenly Dalton heard a scream.
"Chandler look out!"
The voice came from a sick looking girl a little younger than Dalton.

Before he knew what was going on Dalton saw a chain flick out of the kids sleeve and wrap itself around A pole on the opposite side of the road. He was pulled across the road, just out of the way of the taxi that sped past.
"I gotta go" Chandler yelled to Dalton across the road, "Good luck with your car."

Chandler and the girl who yelled at him quickly walked away, making sure they weren't followed.

"That kid isn't human." Dalton thought to himself, "but what is he?"

Dalton drove along the road and followed them. He drove past them and pulled the car up in front of the duo.

"That was a nice trick Chandler." Dalton said.

"What trick? I dived out of the way." Chandler said.

"Kid, don't lie to me. I saw the chains. That wasn't human. " Dalton said, "I would know."

"We don't want any trouble. We just want to be on our way." Chandler said.

"Neither do I. I am just curious. What are you?" Dalton replied, "I have been hunting vampires for years, yet never seen anything like what you did before."

"I don't know what I am. I am trying to figure it out myself." Chandler replied.

The sun was starting to set and darkness began setting in.

"This kid could be useful," Dalton thought to himself, " He is a quick thinker, and could make a good hunter. The amount of scum in the world, we need them."

"If that is the case, why don't you come with me? I have a few assignments that involve a lot of mythical creatures. You might be able to find out what you are."

Chandler Steele

"If that is the case, why don't you come with me? I have a few assignments that involve a lot of mythical creatures. You might be able to find out what you are." Dalton said.

Chandler thought about this. If he was telling the truth, then Chandlers identity might reveal itself faster. Plus he had a car, which would make transport cheaper.

"How do I know you aren't some crack addict? You could be lying. How do I know that vampires, and other creatures even exist?" Chandler asked.

Dalton lifted his hand. Suddenly a flame appeared above his palms.
"I'm half vampire. My mother was a human, and my father a vampire. They were killed by vampires, and I am tracking them down." He said, "the person I am travelling with is at a bar called Mythic Nights on Belmont avenue. I am heading there now and leaving at 9pm. If you decide to come with me you will find me there."

Dalton walked over to his car and drove off.

Chandler turned to Serena who had remained quiet throughout the whole conversation.
"I will be honest with you, I want to go to this bar and find out more. But I am not going to leave you by yourself in this state. It's your call. Who knows, maybe if he is telling the truth, his experience might help with your mission." Chandler said. "What do you want to do?"

Dalton Amaro

"This is an exclusive bar," the guard said to Dalton, "Only those on the list can get in."

Dalton opened his palm and lit a flame.

"This enough of an invitation?" Dalton asked.

The guard apologised for mistaking him as a human and let him in.

As he walked in, he found Lisa by the bar. She appeared to be halfway through her transformation to a dragon. He walked over and sat next to her.

"I got a car." Dalton said, "And I might have found someone special who could prove useful."

Lisa didn't respond. Just pointed to her throat. She mustn't have been able to talk in this form.

Dalton turned his attention to the bartender, who looked stressed. He was on a phone speaking to someone.

"What do you mean the blood won't be here until tomorrow?!" He said, "Edward is coming tonight!"

"Edward? Wow this is gonna be easier than I thought." Dalton thought to himself.

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