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OOC: Ok, so at first I was thrown off by the whole Ursaring deal, but then an idea struck and I ran with it. ....Out the door and into the next county. ^^'


Becca Halliel
Aspertia City
…trouble already?
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When no one said anything Becca really began to feel that she had intruded. But, she had not been told to leave either. Another girl walked in behind her with a pair of Pokemon. The trainer in the middle of the battle field looked like he was ready to explain things when a young man walked in casually with a small group of Pokemon around him. The Mienfoo and Feraligatr were ready for trouble as their trainer looked over this latest arrival. At first he seemed prepared to show this newcomer the door, but changed his mind after a moment’s thought and calmed the two Pokemon. The big Feraligatr lifted his trainer up as he started explaining.

“Alright now with formalities aside and all that, you’re probably wondering why you’re all here.”

Formalities? So far, nothing about the meeting seemed formal. He introduced himself and each of his Pokemon, apparently the Skarmory was to act as a guide. Riley informed them that the group had been chosen based on an assessment by a friend of his. So it was not just him gathering this group together. Again this caused Becca to question her role there, but when he mentioned that they were looking into the Conduit towers, she was suddenly interested. She had been wondering their function for some time since the only thing heard about them was that they would keep people from abusing the power of Legendary Pokemon. No one had ever said how.

The big Feraligatr gave a low growl to his trainer who stopped to give a retort. Becca took the moment to glance at those waiting in the old arena, wondering if she was the only one with a single Pokemon. These trainers all looked more experienced. In fact, she may have never left home if BJ had not pushed her. She looked down at her partner and could not help but grin. The Lucario seemed to be lounging where he stood, head leaning back into his paws. She was quite sure that he took notice of everything around him, but he certainly did not seem to show any interest in them. Her attention was drawn back to Riley when he jumped off his Pokemon’s shoulder. He said they wanted help with investigating ‘in-zone.’ He did not even have to mention the danger since everyone knew what it was like in-zone.

“We have someone investigating an issue in Virbank and one of our friends is stuck in Driftveil in the PWT. Should you say yes, most of you would probably come with me to get to Virbank. You’re free to back out at any point if you don’t want to, you aren’t being forced to commit to anything.”

Well, it was nice to know they could choose whether or not to set off into trouble. Becca thought about what he said. She had barely been able to leave home. Would she be able to walk into the dangerous tower zones? Not even that. It was not just in-zone Pokemon they would be dealing with, but Riley had said they were investigating RAGE as well. Again, she found herself looking at BJ. Always noticing everything, the Lucario raised an eyebrow to look up at her. Seeming to guess what she was thinking he closed his eyes again with a small smirk at the corner of his mouth. She knew his answer. In the next moment, BJ looked upward and she followed suit. Flashpoint suddenly flew in over the building, screeching at his trainer. The noise made Becca put a hand over one ear.

“What do you mean there’s a few angry Ursaring running around?! Why are they in town, Aspertia isn’t inside a zone at all!”

As soon as the Skarmory knew Riley got the message he swung around back out of the arena, Dojo following behind. Before Riley could ask if anyone would help, BJ had already turned after the other Pokemon.

“BJ, wait!” Becca started after the Lucario, glancing back at the trainer. “So- I mean, um...I guess we’re helping,” she said before trotting through the door, calling after her partner.

It was not difficult for BJ to pick which direction Dojo had taken and the Skarmory’s flashing wings were like a beacon. But he went another way, staying on the street before turning down an alley. Becca saw the path he had taken and followed. It was not difficult for her long legs to keep up with the Lucario normally, and now he was barely running. When BJ was sure she had turned behind him, he leapt off an air unit to the roof above for a better vantage. They were about to cross a street when he halted at the corner of the roof. Becca saw him stop and approached the corner slowly, looking past the edge of the building.

Where people had been on the sidewalks when they entered town, it was now deserted. A looming figure to some, this Ursaring was barely taller than Becca. He was pounding on a door with heavy paws a short distance from the alleyway. Becca guessed that residents had ducked into the nearest building, but the door would not last under the Pokemon’s claws. She glanced up at BJ, her expression asking how to approach it.

Draw it this way,” he said matter-of-factly.

The girl pointed at herself with a look of amazement. He only nodded and she mouthed back at him, are you crazy? When she did not go right away, the Lucario sat down on the corner of the roof. He actually looked like he was going to stop and relax while waiting for her to act. Becca frowned, nose scrunching as she snorted at her partner’s casual demeanor. She glanced beyond the edge of the building again.

“Fine...” she breathed hesitantly.

Taking another breath, she stepped out of the alley. Putting thumb and forefinger to her lips she let out a sharp whistle. The big Pokemon stopped beating at the door and let out a low rumble. He only had to cross a few yards to reach the teenage as he charged forward. Becca stayed where she was, trusting her Lucario down to the last second when she ducked away from the claws swinging out at her. The Ursaring found his Slash change trajectory as BJ collided with his right side, sending the bear crashing down in the opposite direction.

Becca stood from where she had ducked against the wall. “Okay, I know that’s effective and all, but I really don’t like doing that.” BJ shrugged and she almost stomped her foot in frustration. “I know full well that you won’t miss. My issue is if I’m too slow!”

The Ursaring recovered his footing, growling angrily at the Lucario who currently was looking the other way. BJ again shrugged before he ducked a paw swipe and jumped back from a heavy Slash coming down. As soon as his paws hit the ground he leapt back the way he had come, ramming into the larger Pokemon and forcing it slide to a halt on all fours.

Time is irrelevant without experience,” he stated before he was slammed into by a Faint Attack.

While he caught hold of the Ursaring’s arm, bowing over and using momentum from the charge to hip-flip his opponent, Becca stood on the sidewalk scratching her head with both hands.

“Urrgh! What is that supposed to even mean? Time will slow down if I stand in front of attacking Pokemon more often? Seriously!?”

Again, BJ shrugged, a small smirk at the corner of his mouth. He spun around, forming a quick Aura Sphere between his paws and sent it flying at the Pokemon that was rising to his feet. Air was forced from the Ursaring’s lungs as it was knocked backward. Becca was about to check if he was out when the big creature rolled over, once more rising to his feet. A loud roar of anger ripped from his throat. The teenager was shocked and even BJ looked impressed.

“That’s so incredible. I mean, at first you were only countering his attacks, but that Aura Sphere should have taken more out of him, even if was quick.”

BJ used Bone Rush, creating a staff of Aura and leapt forward to meet his opponent as the Ursaring surged forward yet again. While they battled, Becca tried to make sense of the unusual intrusion in the town. It seemed incredibly unlikely that Pokemon were starting to roam out-of-zone when they were so attached to the Towers. Was this just an enraged Pokemon? If so, what caused it and were the other Ursaring loose in town acting the same? She realized the best way to find out might not be defeating it, but simply stopping it. She glanced around, trying to come up with something...

“BJ!” she shouted.

The Lucario was locked with the Ursaring pushing against the bone staff. BJ glanced at his partner when she called and, letting go of the staff, slipped past the big Pokemon who lost his balance as the Bone Rush disappeared in the dispersing Aura. Landing at Becca’s side in a moment, the Lucario looked as she pointed at a far corner of the street. A centuries old bell tower was being restored. While the smaller chimes remained inside the structure, the largest -a solid bronze, massive beast of a bell, easily a whole two feet taller than Becca- was hanging at the center of scaffolding outside the tower to prevent it breaking free while its anchor inside was being strengthened. Becca did not even have to explain as a smile formed on the Pokemon’s face. He understood.

The Ursaring was between them and their target though. BJ formed a small Aura Sphere that only knocked the Pokemon onto his bottom, further enraging him as the two sprinted by on either side. They only ran to stay ahead as it pounded steadily after them. Putting on extra speed, BJ leapt his way up the scaffolding. Becca reached it right behind him and started swinging her way through the bars as if she was on a jungle gym. She faltered a bit when the Ursaring crashed into the structure making it shudder. The bell barely moved, its mass holding it steady. Becca continued to lead the Pokemon into the middle of the jumble of metal. Growing more furious as she reached the other side, the Ursaring started slashing through the bars of the scaffold. BJ was forming an Ice Punch, his paw on the heavy chain that held the bell aloft. When the Ursaring was below, tangled in the broken metal pipes, BJ smashed through the frozen anchor. The bell seemed to hover for a moment in mid-air before gravity took hold. The ropes that held it laterally kept it from swinging, but could not stop the weight that was now being drawn to the ground.


Landing solidly and squarely on its wide mouth, the bell swallowed the Ursaring with a resounding clang that echoed off the buildings even after the dust started to clear. The rim was buried into the sidewalk so that it would be difficult to get anything under the edge. Becca was still hesitant to go near it. BJ had leapt clear of the scaffolding when some of it collapsed. He walked up and held a paw out to the bell, closing his eyes. He could sense the Pokemon trapped inside. Nearly unconscious, he had been stunned by the force of the strike and the noise that had echoed inside the now enclosed space.

“He’s not...dead, is he?” Becca asked uncertainly. She was relieved when BJ smiled, but that quickly changed when the Lucario tapped a paw spike against the side so that a soft, muted cling was heard. “Don’t do that!” she cried.

As usual, he shrugged. Becca checked around the edge of the trap to make sure nothing had been caught under the edge. She was just about to let herself relax when BJ pulled her out of the way of a swinging paw. The Lucario swung around a support post of the scaffold, both feet colliding with the Ursaring’s chest to knock it away. For a moment, Becca thought that the one they had been dealing with had somehow escaped until she realized that this was one of the others. And she seemed just as upset as the first.

Leaving that open in case anyone hanging around wants to jump in and save the day. ^^
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