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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 2 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Velocity (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

It seemed that out angry opponent wasn’t going to give us an inch when it came to taking the shortest of breaks. The warrior had her front, while the Hydreigon readied her left and right heads to brace the impact. Vio-Nai was heading towards the ground, but thanks to the Bisharp’s clouded mind, he wasn’t paying attention to the glowing cracks of gold energy that were snaking underneath his own feet. Had he not thrown the dragon towards the ground at all, she wouldn’t have been able to respond as quickly to his attack with this specific one. Vio-Nai looked at her opponent with fangs slowly forming into a satisfied grin. Once again, he was right there in front of her.

Big mistake.

If there was one thing I didn’t like being, as did my Hydreigon, it was redundant. I took my remaining hand out of my pocket, and crossed my arms in front of my chest. I saw a gold light begining to spread itself out along the ground underneath Chessmaster like roots of a growing tree. I could only think of my dragon being a good girl from here on out. She had an idea, and I could tell. I knew Vio-Nai could see me, if not only for a brief second as I gave her a look of confirmation. A low growl came from her throat in affirmation. Our minds were thinking of the same idea. We had already thrown him when he came this close to us once, and doing it again was just the same old trick. No, instead, she was going to create quite an explosion; she was going to rip the ground apart and make it roar.

Vio-Nai wasted no time, taking her left and right heads and braced her from the crash landing. While they were towards the ground, she opened them up, ignoring the taste of soot and ash while she multitasked. As the golden opening of the earth came to its fruition, twin bluish white orbs formed swiftly in each of her two heads, with a third following in her central mouth. As she formed them, she lifted herself off the ground just the slightest bit, not enough for Chessmaster to notice. They came to completion just as her opponent began to scream bloody murder at her, giving her the opportunity to get this in before the full effects of the attack completed. Vio-Nai aimed her attack not at Chessmaster directly; she instead aimed it at the radiating space of earthly energy that stretched just before her, underneath and behind the Bisharp. The Focus Blast, sent through the widespread, shimmering rifts underneath the warrior of steel and darkness, erupted in a fury of blue and golden white intensity and drowned out the horrible sound the Bisharp was producing. Even as the metal knight let go, he would land on more scars of the Earth Power, giving him little room to escape the dragon’s wrath. The light from the joint attack created a brilliant light that provided enough luminosity to highlight the underside of her belly, as she rose to a higher elevation in the air. The contrast of light made it look as if Vio-Nai had come out of her do-it-yourself fissure making, as some beast of another world. Shimmering particles rose and glittered like tiny stars as they emanated off the attack, only fading once the enhancement from the Focus Blast had filled its purpose.

I could see Vio-Nai was a bit tired, however she made the attack of her opponents seem like it did nothing. She was going to keep getting up until she couldn’t get up any more.

Earth Power+Focus Blast [Improved potential accuracy loss by sending Focus Blast through the energy of Earth Power, and using the lack of distance for the same purpose.]
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576