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Default Re: Digital l Urban | Spirtomb


[Ms Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb (F)
HP: 60%
Energy: 72%
Condition: -2 Defence, -1 Speed
Pain Split ~ Shadow Ball


Glaceon (M)
Snow Cloak
HP: 90%
Energy: 71%
Hail ~ Blizzard

Glaceon decided that he needed a bit of an extra advantage over her opponent. The fox began to sparkle with an ethereal glow and you notice that the air is becoming colder around you. Before long, the water in the puddles has frozen over, but is soon shattered and sent flying into the air by a wave of energy that Glaceon releases. The wind catches the shards of ice, sending them swirling around and around the narrow streets. Your opponent smiles, this could be just what he needs to stay free.

Ms Thousand Spirits is not so sure, but she does know that she needs a chance to recover slightly. A tendril of black energy snakes out from her keystone, slicing through the hail to catch Glaceon around his waist. It immediately began to drain her energy, giving it to Spiritomb to heal the damage that has been done to her. She didnít get too long though - Glaceon tore away, ripping the tendril of energy, and got to a slightly safer distance.

From this distance, he began to control the hail, making it whip around your Spiritomb much faster, colliding with the keystone and doing more than enough damage to make up for the ghostsí healing. Ms Thousand Spirits was chilled to the bone, or whatever Spirtomb have for bones anyway, but she was absolutely fuming. It was time for her to get back on top of this.

Focusing her dark thoughts, she began to collect a sphere of energy, compressing it into as small a space as possible. Without a momentís hesitation, she fired it at Glaceon, who didnít get time to dodge. He was knocked off his feet and slammed down onto the road, but was soon climbing back up again, still not about to give up his freedom.


[Ms Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb (F)
HP: 51%
Energy: 57%
Condition: -2 Defence, -1 Speed


Glaceon (M)
Snow Cloak
HP: 65%
Energy: 52%
Condtion: +1 Evasion (Ends with Hail)

Effect: Hail is in effect; Glaceon +1 Evasion
Energy: Glaceon -6%
Pain Split
HP: Glaceon -15%; Spiritomb +15%
Energy: Spiritomb -9%
Critical: Rolled 5746/10000, 625 or less required
Effect: Rolled 9/10, 1 to freeze
HP: Spiritomb -18%
Energy: Glaceon -13%
Shadow Ball
Accuracy: Rolled 22/100, 75 or less to hit
Critical: Rolled 3554/10000, 625 or less for critical
Effect: Rolled 2/10, 1 required
HP: Glaceon -10%
Energy: Spiritomb -6%
HP: Spiritomb -6%

Attack/Item - 1 point
Flee - 2 points
Leave the Safari Zone - 30 points

You have 11 Safari Points remaining