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Default Re: A Mother's Love [Rated T for safety]

Charles Cubone woke up in the village hospital that evening. The day had already turned into night, and a half moon lingered in the sky amongst the stars. The only person by his bedside was his sister, Caroline.

"Where's dad?" Charlie asked as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

"He went to go talk to your teacher, and then he said he was going home," Caroline replied. "I heard the stories from your classmates, but I didn't believe them. What happened today?"

"I don't really know myself," Charlie said softly. "I remember defeating that Haunter, and then I heard mom's voice. She said Marlon was the one who murdered her, and that she wanted me to avenge her by killing him."

"Are you going to do it?" Caroline asked.

"No!" Charlie quickly replied. He hesitated for a moment and shook his head. "Well, I don't know. She said I'd be able to when the time came, but I honestly don't really know."

Charlie was released from the hospital the next morning, and he was able to attend classes as usual. Throughout the entire class, his classmates would talk about him behind his back. Apparently, on the way back from Lavender Town, Charlie was thrashing about in Marlon's arms and talking nonsense. They contributed it to his mother's death as he kept talking about her as he thrashed about in Marlon's arms.

He had also started his private lessons with Marlon following the trip. If Charlie hadn't gone a little crazy after defeating that Haunter, he probably wouldn't be in this situation right now, but Marius thought it was best for his son to have the private lessons. Charlie found himself improving as a fighter, and he was slowly gaining more confidence in his skills. He even picked up a few good techniques from Marlon, such as Flamethrower, which was the attack Charlie's teacher had used at the tower, and AncientPower, an attack that would send rocks flying towards the opponent at the user's will. AncientPower also had a chance to raise Charlie's power temporarily.

Today's training session would be the last, though. Three weeks into Charlie's private lessons with Marlon, there was an explosion in the village square. Marlon quickly left to investigate, and Caroline, who stayed back so that she could walk home with her brother after his lessons and provide moral support, fell out of her slumber and her chair. She found her brother standing by the window, watching the various Pokemon residents of Bone Crusher Village frantically run around.

"Charlie! We have to get out there and help!" Caroline shouted at her brother. She was now standing by the door, bouncing on her feet. Charlie turned to his sister; she was right. They had to go help.

As they ran out of the school and into the hectic streets of the village, they could hear Chatot, a colorful bird with a music note for a head, repeating the words of the village mayor, "women and children get out now! Women and children get out now!" Caroline pulled her brother into a dark alleyway and hid.

"Caroline, we should go. You heard the Chatot," Charlie whispered.

"No! We're staying," Caroline told her brother. "Mom said that Marlon was the one that murdered her. We're going to avenge her, Charlie. Together."

Charlie looked into his sister's black eyes, and he could see the flames of determination in them. He nodded. With Caroline by his side, he'd be able to do it.

"And together, you shall die," Marlon announced, holding his bone threateningly over Charlie and Caroline's heads. The siblings moved just in time to avoid the deadly blow by the Marowak's bone. "So you figured out I was the one that killed your mother. I was so hoping to kill you two and your father off before you put two and two together."

Charlie could feel the rage burning inside of him. This man, a man who he had trained with, was the one who killed his mother. The sweetest woman in Bone Crusher Village had been murdered by this man, and now Charlie was going to avenge her. Charles and Caroline Cubone would avenge Maryanne Marowak together now.

Flames were the only thing that illuminated the dark alley. Flames were the only thing allowing the Cubone siblings and Marlon to see each other. Caroline lunged forward and swung her bone at Marlon, but he was able to quickly block the attack with his own bone. Charlie leaped up and unleashed flames from his mouth, just over Marlon's head. The flames poured onto Marlon, and he let down his guard, allowing Caroline to get in a few hits with her bone before the Cubone siblings were knocked back by a powerful swipe from Marlon's own bone.

Burns could be seen on Marlon's brown skin. The flames had scorched his previously unharmed skin, and now they were creating flames in his eyes. Charlie found himself trembling as his teacher flung his bone at the Cubone siblings; he had never seen his teacher this angry before. If it hadn't been for Caroline's quick thinking, Charlie probably would have gotten a bone to the face. Caroline had pushed Charlie into the ground and flung her own bone at Marlon's legs. The Marowak collapsed to his knees as the bones flew back to their owners.

Caroline ran towards Marlon while he was down and swung at his dominant hand; the bone in Marlon's hand fell out of it, and Caroline kicked it away. She was now using the opportunity while Marlon was defenseless to whack away at him with her own bone. Charlie looked up at his sister, who was beating away at the defenseless Marlon.

But he wasn't as defenseless as he seemed to be.

Around Marlon and unbeknownst to Caroline, rocks with multi-colored aura were floating in the air. Charlie's eyes widened; this was AncientPower, and it was going to be used on Caroline. She was going to take a direct hit from it... unless Charlie could stop it before it was too late. If he could gain control of the AncientPower, it would probably really help out in the long run.

So the power struggle began. Caroline continued to beat at Marlon until he knocked her away. The rocks began to fly towards Caroline, who was slowly starting to get up, and when they were seconds away from colliding with her, they froze. Charlie had taken control of them. Marlon scrambled to his feet and ran towards his bone, but AncientPower knocked him back down. A faint, multi-colored aura surrounded Charlie briefly; this was the power boost he had learned about.

Marlon was struggling to get up now. The burns on his body combined with the backfiring of his own attack and Caroline's powerful blows were really starting to affect him now. His whole body felt sore, and each movement took much more effort than it normally should have. Marlon managed to get a hold of his bone, and he flung it at the Cubone siblings as best as he could. Charlie leaped forward and used his own bone as a bat, sending the Marowak's bone flying back towards its owner. The bone collided with its owner, and Marlon fell back to the ground, the back of his head colliding with the hard ground beneath him.

Charlie slowly approached his former Marowak teacher, his bone tightly clutched in his hand. Marlon was looking at Charlie with helpless brown eyes; he was too weak to fight on. There was no coming back in a battle he already knew he had lost. With an evil smile, Charlie spoke the last words Marlon would ever hear, "I hope you enjoy Hell. You deserve it for what you did to my mom."

And Charlie delivered the final blow, cracking Marlon's skull and ending his life.

Caroline gasped behind him, but she could hear voices behind her. The crack had echoed through the alleyway, and there was a smally chance that someone outside of the alley had heard. She ran up to her brother and whispered, "Charlie, we have to get out of here. We can't stay here anymore."

Charles Cubone looked at his sister; the innocence had been sucked out of him when he dealt that final blow. He nodded, and with his sister holding his hand, Charlie ran through the streets of Bone Crusher Village. They hid behind the hills beyond the village, and if anyone had been paying any attention in the village, a pair of white lights would have garnered their attention and rose suspicions... not to mention it would have given away the location of Charles and Caroline Marowak.

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Character Count: 39718
Author's Note: This is a little violent. ;x I don't normally write violence, so this is an interesting one for me, but I had a little fun with it, & I went overboard, so that's why I'm hopefully claiming two Cubone from this. It's rated T for safety. One Cubone is for myself, & the other is for Chary since she's gonna draw me a beautiful Vulpix! :3 Broken up into multiple posts because PE2K only allows 20000 characters per post.

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