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While Oshawott puzzles over your sudden change in language, you enter el lighthouse. You find that the first floor has been set up as a kind of museum, with displays that detail the history of the lighthouse and how it works. You and your new buddy wander about for a bit, reading and looking at the displays.

Apparently, the seas around Andromeda can become rather foggy--but the lighthouse helps guide those ships safely to shore. The lights are entirely powered by Electric-type Pokemon, who charge up the batteries during the day for use at night. Interesting, no? You can't help but wonder where those electric type Pokemon might be, right?

No one else seems to be in the lighthouse museum... but you do notice that there's a second flight of stairs. Do you continue exploring the lighthouse? Or are you ready to start your adventure at Route 1?

(PS, I'm jealous of your comic skillz xD I wish I could contribute to that, lol)
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(PS, I can give you the sprites I use if you want. It's not that hard to make a sprite comic y'know, it just takes time.
Also, I'm doing this 'cause I'm not that good at (Role play) writing, I think.)
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