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Up the stairs you go, eager to see more of the lighthouse. As you enter the second floor, your hair suddenly stands on end--or rather, more so than it usually is. Seriously, how do you get your hair to defy gravity like that?

At any rate, the air is crackling with static electricity. You glance over on the other side of the room in time to see a yellow and black beast discharge electricity into the air.


The thunderbolts its unleashing flow into a hulking machine, which hums and flashes in response. After a moment, the lights flash green, and the Electivire steps back. Its then that you notice an old man standing near the Pokemon.

"Good work, Electivire. That oughta do her," he speaks to the Pokemon before turning around. Immediately, he spots you. "Hey, what are you doing here? The second floor's off limits while we charge the batteries."

The gray-haired grandpa scrutinizes you for a moment, then states, "You must be one of Professor Cedar's pups, fresh from the lab by the looks of it. Well, you can forget about vandalizing my property. If you know what's good fer ya, you'll skiddadle before I have Electivire personally show you the way out."

Sheesh, what's this guys problem? Does he have to fit the stereotype of the grouchy old lighthouse keeper?

What does Kristen do?

(Ah, maybe I'll have to look into it later--but hey, you're doing great so far! :D)
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