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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Name: Eclipse
Race: Dark Elf
Sub-Race: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearance: Eclipse is the average height for a Dunmer, however stronger and fitter than most due to his job. He has short black hair, and crimson eyes. He still looks relatively young (He is approx 40 years old, but looks 25). He has the unusual light blue skin tone, which is rare among Dunmer, and his back is scarred from getting the whip as punishment after being caught stealing. His left wrist is heavily scarred from using his bow without a vambrace, and a tattoo of Karliah's name on his right wrist.
Skills: Destruction, Sneak, One handed, Archery, Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Light Armour
Main Inventory:
Nightingale Armour (Stock Enchants), Dual Daedric Daggers (Enchant for fire damage), Daedric Bow(enchant for shock damage), Assortment of arrows, Potion of Magicka x3, Potion of Stamina x3, General food supplies.
Eligible Dragonborn: no

Grew up in Riften, Currently lives in Windhelm
Factions: Nightingale, Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild (Ex)
Personality: Eclipse takes everything seriously. Especially his job. If someone performs the Black Sacrament, Eclipse will not rest until they are dead. Even in his free time, he rarely relaxes. He is synical, the only jokes he ever makes being dark and disturbing. Nights when he isn't working, and can afford to be hung over the next day, he will be at the pub, trying to drink away the memories of his past.
History: Eclipse cannot remember anything before the Riften Orphanage. He was told he was abandoned there at a young age. He was the only Dunmer who lived at the Orphanage, and had very few friends. The other children were afraid of him. They had heard about how the Dunmer like to play with fire. By the time he was 14 he had run away from the Orphanage, learning to sneak and pickpocket in order to feed himself.

At age 15, Eclipse was caught trying to pick someone's pockets. He was very close to doing so, until the man turned around and saw him. The man was Gallus of the theives guild. Gallus was 21 at the time, and took Eclipse to the theives guild where he was given regular work. After a few months, he earned the respect of the other members, Karliah included.

Over the next two years, Eclipse and Karliah became friends, and Eclipse developed feelings for her. But he noticed that she kept sneaking off randomly. Worried that she had got into trouble, Eclipse followed her, to Nightingale hall. Gallus was there, and he and Karliah went into a room where they spoke with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Gallus and Karliah never knew he was there, until Nocturnal sensed him and pointed him out.

Nocturnal deemed Eclipse worthy of being a Nightingale, by the fact that he had been able to stalk her agents, and enter her hall undetected. He swore to protect her shrines in this life and the next, and from then on was a Nightingale, the Agent of Stealth.

For the next year, his feelings for Karliah continued to develop, to the point where he went to Whiterun to purchase an engagement ring. He planned to propose to Karliah when he returned. He was gone for three weeks. However when he returned, he discovered Karliah and Gallus together. They had fallen in love.

Eclipse snapped. He left Nightingale hall, not telling Gallus or Karliah why. He camped near Nightingale hall for the next year, keeping an eye on what was going on, occasionally sneaking in with his agent of Stealth power. If someone were to stumble upon the Shrine of Nocturnal, he would send them the other way, or kill them. Nocturnal didn't reveal his presence. She knew he was still fulfilling his promise to her, and respected his wish to stay hidden.

In that time, he was replaced. Mercer Frey became a Nightingale. Eclipse retained his Nightingale powers, and continued to watch over Nightingale hall. Until he saw something suspicious. Mercer Frey running towards Nightingale Hall, Sword drawn and bloodstained.

Eclipse followed Mercer into Nightingale hall. Karliah saw Mercer, and asked where Gallus was, since they left on an expedition together. Mercer told her that Gallus was dead, then charged at her, weapon drawn with the intent to kill.

Before Karliah could draw a weapon, Eclipse appeared in front of her, between her and Mercer. Eclipse used his Ancestors Wrath power, surrounding him and Karliah with flames. Mercer stopped, as Eclipse shot him in the wrist. Mercer continued to fight Eclipse. Eclipse used his Daedric Daggers to fight Mercer off, ending with Mercer being stabbed. Mercer fled, as did Eclipse. He didn't think that Nocturnal would be pleased with all the bloodshed in her temple, especially by her own agents.

Mercer blamed his wounds on Karliah and framed her for Gallus' death, since he didn't know who Eclipse was, and Karliah was banished from the theives guild, with a bounty on her head there.

Eclipse joined the Dark brotherhood, becoming one of their most valued assassins. He never seemed to fail when someone's name was put on his list. However after the incident with Karliah, he had become a sour person. He began drinking heavily whenever he could get away with it.

25 years after Gallus' death, Eclipse lives in Windhelm. He is wealthy from doing work for the Dark Brotherhood, and is contacted by Messenger when they need someone in his area dead. He spends his nights at the tavern, drinking away the memories from his past. He still has the ring in his house, and still struggles not to think of Karliah, though would be ashamed if she could see what he has become.
Title Application: N/A
Magic: Fireball, Chain Lightning, Ice Storm, Fire, Frost and Lightning Runes.
Other: Due to him being a Dunmer, Eclipse has his Ancestors Wrath Power, which surrounds him with fire, and is resistant to fire. He also has the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal ability, allowing him to go invisible for small periods of time.

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