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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
wow, some OG's have come back haha, haven't seen either name in a loong time

If i remember right, i helped you build one of your first competitive teams?

it's been a while, you're more than welcome to hang out even before gen VI comes out, it's been pretty dead here, with basically eevee and I the only ones posting, so any and all activity would be awesome

What's up Pat! How've things been, IIRC it's been a few years since i've last seen you, it would be cool if the reunion continues and people like Godot, Mr420 et al. start showing up, but i think that would be asking a bit too much

at anyone else lurking out there

Yeah, I've gotten all my school stuff in check. I'm actually graduating in just a couple months. Picked up my old Pokemon game and started playing. Bought Pokemon Black the other day and I'm trying to get everything set up to do competitive again.

How come things have been so dull lately? This site was always bustling from what I remember.

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