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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Name: Menora the True Shot
Race: Nord
Sub-Race: werewolf
Gender: female
Appearance: Menora is about average height for a female Nord, maybe a tad on the short side, but what really sets her apart from her fellow kinsmen is her darker skin and hair colors. While more Nords are light skinned and usually have blond or light brown hair Menora is tanned with black hair. She is unsure why since she can't reference her parents, but she is a true Nord through and through. She has dark orange eyes that look brown in dark lighting. Or she did since her right eye is now white with blindness. A scar travels down to her cheek from under that eye, into the green leaf pattern she has painted on her cheek and neck with dark green warpaint. She prefers to wear her armor, but at times she can be seen in either a normal set of clothes or in blacksmith's attire.
Skills: Archery, Light Armor, Lockpicking, One-Handed (duel-wield), Smithing, Sneak, Speech
Main Inventory: Linwe’s armor set, Ring of Hircine, Nordic Bow, Arrows (mainly Elven, some Dwarven), Nordic Dagger, Nordic Sword, Nordic War Axe, Clothes, Boots, Blacksmith's Apron, Gloves, assortment of Healing Potions
Eligible Dragonborn: no
Hometown: Riften, Skyrim
Factions: Thieves Guild
Personality: Menora is a confident woman. She knows what she can and can't get away with, and even then she'll find a way to get away with whatever she can. The only thing she tries not to do is take someone's life without given enough reason to. She only kills out of self defense or if she's clearing out a bandit camp for the Jarl. When not out hunting or blacksmithing she can be seen in the Bee and Barb, sharing a pint of ale with the patrons and having a good time. Other times she is down in the Ragged Flagon amongst her fellow thieves. It all depends on her mood, honestly. Even though she runs with thieves she still likes to help out the citizens of Riften if given the chance. Some would swear she only does so to cover up her true thieving intentions, but in all honestly it's just how she is. From what little she can recall from her childhood her parents told her that kindness goes a long way, and it's something she holds dear. Also Menora can be a bit flirtatious with both men and women, but she has yet to commit to anyone. Though it's really no secret she prefers the company of other women over men.
History: Menora remembers little of her childhood. She could remember her family living in the hut in the wilderness of the Rift. Her father was a blacksmith and mother a hunter. They lived a pretty decent life. That is until their hut was attacked. It wasn't long after her father revealed his gift of lycanthropy to her and when she was older he would pass it down to her. However a group called the Silver Hand attacked. The attack itself she couldn't recall in detail for the next thing she remembered was she had somehow made her way to Riften. Her father had a friend there, so it's possible that in the chaos she recalled that bit of information and fled to the city. There she took refuge at the Scorched Hammer, where Balimund took her in so she didn't have to be put into Honorhall Orphanage.

As she grew into a young woman at the blacksmith's she learned the trade, becoming an excellent smith. She wouldn't claim to be the best and says that smithing is only a hobby. When she wasn't at the forge, however, she was causing trouble. It was nothing major at first, just taking someone's item and placing it in a place that it'd take a bit for the owner to find. She never stole anything to keep, and that was probably why the Thieves Guild left her alone. She also never messed with the Jarl or Maven Black-Briar, for getting on either woman's bad side would be a bad idea. In time she then focused her spare time on learning the art of archery instead of causing trouble between working at the forge and her lessons. Over time she was being called "True Shot" for her nearly perfect aim. She also went back out to her family's old hut when she had enough skill, recovering her father's smithing notes, his nordic sword and battle axe, and her mother's nordic bow and dagger that her father had made for her. She also found some books that had survived the fire with the old notes, books on lycanthropy. Though she wouldn't say it out loud she did wish that her father could have passed it down to her and decided that she would somehow embrace it in any way she could. With those weapons in hand she went out to help some people in the Rift so that in a way she could make it up for when she caused trouble for those she messed with when she was younger.

However it was only a matter of time before her thieving skills she developed in her teens were put to the test after she had said she'd put it behind her.

One day at the Bee and Barb Menora was approached by Louis Letrush. Apparently Sibbi Black-Briar didn't make good on a deal and Louis was willing to give her the other half of the payment if she'd help. She accepted, and it was only then that she learned she had to steal Frost from the Black-Briar's lodge. She talked to Sibbi to learn more about it, even got a key to a lockbox to get more coin on the side. However she new better than to do this job in full behind Maven's back, so despite her instinct telling her not to she told the woman of the plan to steal Frost. Maven wasn't surprised, and even game Menora permission to continue with the job. She did, but instead of handing Frost over to Louis after everything was said and done she persuaded him to let her keep the stallion. She noticed something in the palomino and she didn't want to hand him over. It took a little time but the two forged an unbreakable bond, and the horse has been a loyal companion ever sense.

It was that job however that got the Thieves Guild to notice her. She was approached by Brynjolf at the market one day and he asked for her assistance. With her previous record of when she was younger and her recent job, he thought she'd be perfect for a job. She was to steal a ring and place it on someone else. It was an easy enough job, though Menora had started disliking pickpocketing. She did the job, got her pay, and was about to leave when the older Nord then offered her a place within the Guild. She wanted to get out of the blacksmith's for a while, and the Thieves Guild offered her adventure she has been recently wanted, so she accepted.

It took some time but she did earn her respect amongst the Guild. Even if all of them won't say it aloud. She grew close with Vex, Delvin, and Sapphire, doing some jobs either with or for them as time grew on. Devlin eventually gave her a job in Windhelm, a special request they hadn't had in decades. She went, found out what it was, defeated the growing rival guild and did the job the client asked, and returned as if it was a normal job. She now wears the armor from the rival guild's leader after she had it tailored to fit like a trophy. But the Guild is still not what it used to be. Working on getting it back up to it's strength Menora set out to do what she could. It was during one of her heists in the south-west part of Skyrim that lead her to get the Ring of Hircine. She won't speak of what happened, but once she was given the ring she also received the gift to turn into a werewolf. It's a story that she keeps to herself, not even telling those in the Guild she is close to about. She fully embraces the blood of the wolf, however she is careful about revealing it in fear of the Silver Hand once again coming to hunt her down.
Title Application: Champion of Hircine, Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, Thane of the Rift
Other: When outside of Riften, or any other walled city, Menora is almost never seen without her trusty steed Frost. That horse is never far from her in case she needs help, and is intelligent enough to know when his help is needed or when he'd get in his rider's way.
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