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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die

Originally Posted by lildude3000 View Post
Hey Lost Soul & Puh-Tree-Cee-Oh! Just trying to up activity here a bit. How I miss the days when PE2K was always bustling! :/
What's up LD, how're things?

Originally Posted by Puh-tree-cee-oh View Post
Afternoon fellers. Just got back from watching Lincoln on a field trip, it was decent. Probably should've been called ratifying the 13th amendment though.

I'll be around for the rest of the day; no plans tonight. :D
Lincoln, Amour, and Les Mis, where the only MP of the year movies I didn't watch, though i watched, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer, and in high school saw Les Mis with Liam Neeson (everything is better with Liam Neeson), so I'm not too disappointed lol, was out watching basketball

Bracket-wise I've got Louisville, personally, i want Michigan to go all the way
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