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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
That Charizard 3DS is amazing. I prefer white consoles though so I would stick with the Pika one! Mine is still in its box too, waiting for October! XD They need to make more Pokemon 3DS XL cases!
The Charizard one really is amazing! I'm curious about whether or not they'll do Blastoise or Venusaur, too! (Probably not, but I can dream. XD)

And, I've been taking mine out every once in a blue moon. I'm really paranoid about something happening to mine as it just looks so nice right now! XD (My regular red 3DS already has a crack on the back and some scratches, so I want to avoid this with the Pikachu one.)

As for the cases, agreed! I've been using the same case since the Game Boy Advance came out and the 3DS XL is too big to fit! :o

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