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Default Re: Questions/Comments/Suggestions

I have a question... Not sure if it's been brought up before, though. It probably has; not checked this thread in awhile.

Ok, not sure how to word this.... Like, when Fire Red and Leaf Green come out, some Pokemon know moves that they could only learn via TM in the past. So... Ok, let me just give an example.

John has a Gengar in the URPG, he taught it the TM Nightmare. Well, in Fire Red / Leaf Green, Gengar learns Nightmare naturally so... Can he just place that TM back in his inventory or is he out a TM?

I personally think we should be allowed to place the TM's back in our inventory in all fairness. I mean, it wouldn't be right for a new person to come in and not have to worry about this, ya know?

Sorry, I suck at explaining what I'm thinking, heh. But, I think you get what I'm asking.
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