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Default Re: Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke



The sarcastic, smartass, foul mouthed Hero of this story. His father left he and his mother when Jacob was young, and his mother turned to alcohol. Jacob was forced by his mother to be friends with Moron, who he seems to insult whenever he can. Whenever Dawn enters the building Jacob can be found next to her, using some of the creepiest pokemon related pickup lines know to man. It is unknown whether he does this because he has a thing for Dawn, or whether he just wants to creep her out. Jacob has low tolerance, and will insult people easily. He however has a big imagination, in which his Pokemon speak to him, and eachother, all with their own unique personalities.


The extremely tolerant assistant of Professor Rowan. Dawn takes her job as an assistant very seriously, and cares for Pokemon greatly. She is highly tolerant of Jacob, and his constant, pathetic pick up attempts, and his smartass attitude. But though she doesn't show this, she is somewhat flattered by Jacob's behavior, and thinks they would be good friends if he were to grow up. She is one of the few people Jacob has met on his Journey that he hasn't openly insulted, though she is also one of the few that would understand the insult.


The unwanted neighbour of Jacob. Jacob and Moron have known eachother all their lives. They were forced to be friends, purely because they were neighbors, and Moron considers Jacob to be his best friend. However Jacob despises Moron, mostly because of his lack of intelligence, and because he has walked into Jacobs room unannounced and uninvited. Jacob has pushed Moron into Lake Verity, hoping that he would drown. Moron has lots of bright ideas, which are doomed to fail, the only smart one being letting Jacob pick his pokemon first, so he could take the one with a type advantage.

Prof. Rowan

The oblivious Pokemon Professor. Professor Rowan is incapable of determining the gender of a person without being told, and does not understand sarcasm. Due to his old age, he tends to ramble on and talk to himself, as well as has his monologues which nobody can be stuffed listening too. His memory is quick to fade, needing to be reminded of Jacob's name four or so times in one day, and though is a genius in the field of Pokemon, is an idiot when it comes to people.
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