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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Hopefully this doesn't double post, and you don't mind it if it does...

Name: Sulvahdinriik

Race: dragon

Sub-Race: nope

Gender: female

Appearance: Her green scales have a light blue tint to them at the edges. She appears slightly smaller than the average dragon and has a sleeker frame. Being fairly vain, she keeps her claws, teeth, and scales at a nice shine. She has large blue eyes. Her ressurected body as a whole seems fairly unscathed obviously lacking battle scars.

Skills: One handed (wings, bite, tail), Destruction (they do have similar shouts), Light armor(scales?), Sneak (she would be the dragon to use it), Bardsmanship?(that nonexistant ability that bards have that lets them use musical equipment)

Main Inventory: Dragon Bones... Dragon Scales... That helmet that got stuck in her teeth... (dragons don't really have a set Inventory)

Eligible Dragonborn: Almost a trick question. Yes for being Dovah, no because she is not Dovahkiin.


Hometown: Born in a lost cave in Skyrim

Factions: none

Personality: Chastised by her fellow dragons as a coward, Sulvahdinriik prefers a peaceful existance. She sees more value in the art of song than the art of war. She has a fair dislike of violence and is truly quite timid. She tends to be quite fearful. It could be said she earned her title as a coward.

History: Born in Skryim in a clutch of twenty or so eggs, there was nothing spectacular about her birth. Her childhood was less than pleasant, while her kin preferred to test themselves physically, she stood off and alone studying nature's song. Sound was fascinating to her. The music made by the insects, the wind, the water, it was pleasing to her. Her siblings weren't particular pleased with her decision not to join their rough games. They took away her choice in the matter and forced her to fight amongst them. She grew rather timid of her own kin, so that many things frightened her. She grew and her fear of her kin had faded. It became violence itself that she had a subtle fear of. She was not particularly fond of the idea of injury, so she would be submissive rather than offensive. It was here she earned the title of coward. She accepted that fate and studied arts of humans. Since at this time they had been relatively enslaved by the Dov, it was fairly safe to do so. She found interest in their music and poetry despite the fact, they too chastised her cowardness. Of course when the humans rose against dragons, she fell quickly somewhat lacking battle prowess. Her body was left somewhere in the woods, apparently not deserving of a burial. When Alduin returned from the stream of time he was set adrift, he had chanced upon her remnants. Her fragile bones found themselves as her flesh returned binding her body and her soul found itself in the world of the living once again reunited with mind and body. Alduin was rather dissappointed by his find, but figured she wasn't worth his valuable time to even strike down once more. He puts her to use as a sort of courier. She doesn't complain. She is far too scared to.

Title Application: Nivahriin Dovah (literally cowardly dragon)

Other: I tossed in a few little jokes. I will ask that you not take them seriously since they aren't really going to affect the RP. well the bard thing maybe since she may play an oversized flute.
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