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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Name: Estina
Race: Bosmer (wood elf)
Sub-Race: werewolf
Gender: female
Appearance: In terms of skin tone Estina is on the lighter side of the Bosmer chart, but she's not the lightest. Her skin is nicely tanned and her long hair is a soft shade of blonde, which she usually keeps loose or on occasion ties it back with a leather strip. She has a lithe muscular form, perfectly suited for a lifestyle of a druid. Her eyes are completely white, a clear sign of blindness. It's common to see her using a Forsworn Staff as a walking stick when walking, sometimes having out in front of her a bit as to use it to find obstacles on the path in front of her.
Skills: Alchemy, Archery, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Restoration, Sneak
Main Inventory: Savior's Hide, Forsworn Gauntlets (enchant: fortify archery), Forsworn Boots (enchant: fortify sneak), Copper and Moonstone Circlet (enchant: fortify magicka), Bone Hawk Amulet (enchant: fortify health), Gold Emerald Ring (enchant: fortify stamina), Forsworn Staff, assortment of Alchemy ingredients, assortment of Magicka potions
Eligible Dragonborn: yes
Factions: N/A
Personality: Estina is quiet and to herself. Growing up in the wilderness she has developed a sort of caution with others, having great difficulty putting her full trust in another. She does not like going into cities, only leaving the comfort of nature to venture into a town or city to trade for supplies she may need. She is a very independent woman and self-sufficient. Relying on someone else is a foreign thought to her, having been on her own for as long as she can remember and only having herself to depend on. However this does not mean she is unfriendly. Though she does not openly seek companionship there are a few she would consider to be friends. Otherwise she just wants to get in, get the job down, and return to her comfort zone in the wilds.
History: *to be added*
Title Application: Champion of Hircine
Other: Estina has a paint horse she bought from the Markarth Stables that she has named Wind Runner. Also when confronted with her blindness, her response usually is "I can see, just not as you do." How she "sees" is through nature's energies. She can only see a few feet in front of her this way, and if compared to normal vision she sees objects in one single color, it's energy or aura. (Think of something like the mod "Predator Vision".) Also with this ability it's hard to keep secrets from her, for she can tell when a person is lying and if they are something they don't appear to be. In some ways it's like she can see into someone's very soul.
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