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Default Re: Team Pinnace Strikes! [Ready For Grading]

The Mantine was hesitant, wondering how to act on this. It sat there, making it's decision, Amelia waiting patiently. Suddenly, her wrists were restrained, much to her surprise. The officer who had previously wanted to interrogate her pulled her up by the wrist. “I talked it over with the other officers. We've decided that you're coming in whether you like it or not.”
An hour later, she was in a room alone with the officer who had brought her in.
“What were you doing on this platform?,” he asked.
“I was scuba diving to find out what was annoying three Gyrados, when I discovered this ship,” she responded, continuing to describe the massive adventure she was on for the past three days. The officer was in disbelief for most of the time at just how ridiculous this adventure was. An oil platform? A monopoly on all aquatic life? Attempting to do something as unrealistic as capturing every Water-type Pokemon in the world, which would take decades to do even with a hundred members? He quickly decided that he should have let her just capture the Mantine, after all. “Alright, Amelia Shaw. You're free to go,” he muttered, clearly bored and ready to ask William or any of the members of Team Pinnace, expecting a much more realistic response. She smiled and walked out of the room.
Rushing to the marina, Amy pulled out a Pokeball. Much to her surprise, the Mantine had waited all that time. “So, I assume you want to be my Pokemon, then?”
The Mantine smiled and swam around in a circle, clearly excited. Amelia laughed, grabbing some rope from William's boat and tying it around the bottom half of the ball before activating it and throwing it out to the Mantine. As soon as it caught it and closed up, she reeled it back in, holding the ball in her hand as it began to make it's usual three noises.
Bling. An enviroment began to generate suitable for the Mantine, a puddle of water seeming like an ocean to the miniaturised Mantine, complete with a sandy seabed and Remoraids traversing the waters.
Bling. The sky began to form around the Mantine. A sunny day, giving a warm reflection, which Mantine enjoyed greatly.
Amelia held onto the Pokeball tightly as she threw the tracker to the side. Her fingers were crossed, her forehead was covered in sweat and water from her adventure, her hands clammy around the Pokeball, which was working away at making a virtual reality for the Mantine to comfort it whilst it was stuck in the Pokeball. Her legs were still trembling, her throat dry and her eyes heavy. Her adventure had tired her out. She didn't want to go out to sea again just to get Mantine, she just wanted to rest with the Pokemon safely restrained within the Pokeball. At that moment, only one thought went through her mind, the one hope that the Mantine would enjoy it's surroundings in the Pokeball and accept it's request to capture it. This whole image was summed up in three words, repeated over and over and over again, through Amelia's mind.
“Please Go Bling.”

Thanks, Kayla Ann!
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