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Default Re: New Mewtwo Forme/Mewthree?

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
But I will viciously maul those who trash talk Electivire Togekiss.
Togekiss is the best. <3

I think all Gens need a buff up, esoecially Gen I, II, and III. xD I cried happy when those Electabuzz and Magmar wouldn't be so awful anymore, because they could finally evolve. <3

I hope a lot more Pokemon get evolutions/pre-evolutions, actually. Kanto and Hoenn had way way way too many Pokemon I didn't like, and most of them are two staged, so I'm crossing my fingers for some evos!

No matter how likely/unlikely, I'm hoping;

Arbok (evolution) A two-headed snake would be cool, still wouldn't use it though
Raticate (evolution) Maybe a female/male evolution, something cute for female, cool for male
Sandslash (evolution) Sandslash has the potential to be really really cool
Parasect (evolution) ANYTHING. ANYTHING BETTER
Venomoth (evolution) Cooler, more powerful moth
Dugtrio (evolution) maybe 5 heads and much much more powerful and fast
Mankey (pre-evolution) small monkey
Growlithe (pre-evolution) a little puppy
Tentacool (pre-evolution) A tiny cute little jellyfish
Ponyta (pre-evolution) a little foal
Slowbro/Slowking (evolution) maybe an evolution for Slowbro and Slowking, double-branched.
Farfetch'd (evolution) Farfetrch'd needs one so bad!
Dodrio (evolution) 4 heads, anything better
Dewgong (evolution) Too derpy, needs an evolution that's cool/graceful
Muk (evolution) A PILE OF SLUDGE
Onix/Steelix (evolution) maybe an alternate golden evolution, and then a platinum evolution for Steelix
Kingler (evolution) Kingler is eh for me, anything would be better
Exeggutor (evolution) too derpy.
Marowak (evolutions) A male and a female evolution, that would be so awesome
Tangela (pre-evolution) Basically a smaller, cuter Tangela.
Kangaskhan (pre-evolution) I would loooove to see her Joey as an pre-evolution
Seaking (female evolution) I hte Seaking so much, Goldeen is so pretty but then Seaking. We need a Seaqueen.
Starmie (evolution) sooo much potential.
Mr. Mime (evolution) A cool evolution would be better, Mr. Mime is pretty bad imo, so...anything.
Scyther (pre-evolution) A little cute Scyther would be awesome. Evolved at level 30 or something. Scyther could totally be second stage
Pinsir (both) Cool evolution for Pinsir, and cute pre-evolution. Pinsir is...pretty ugly I think, so a cool evolution like Scizor to Scyther would be so great.
Jynx (evolution) Smoochum is so cute, but Jynx is freaky. A beautiful and smart pre-evolution would fit so well.
Tauros and Miltank (both) A cuuuute little cow, that can evolve either into Miltank or Tauros, and then both of them evolve into something awesome.
Lapras (pre-evolution) a tiny little lapras that was super cute would kill me, I'd never evolve it.
Porygon-Z (evolution) make a Porygon-Z evolution, the first 4 stage Pokemon ever.
Omastar and Kabutops (evolutions) Kabutops is alright, needs a buff. I don;'t like Omastar, something cool for both of them would be great
Aerodactyl (both) a pre-evoltuion, that acted fierce but was honestly weak and cute, and a monster evolution, with sky high stats

I would die from happiness if these came true. ;v; That's just Kanto, though. Too lazy for other Gens. xD

I like Every Fire/Fighting starter Generation except III, it started a god awful trend. ;-;

I have to say, Infernape is my favorite, then Emboar! Blaziken...yeah. *shuts up now and runs away*

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