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Default Re: Voice Acting

I refuse to apologize for the double post.

Oh, in addition to that little tidbit above...

I understand that most people love the Mystery Dungeons series. I particularly enjoy the series because it is very easy to get immersed in an actual story (sorry Pokemon BW & BW2, but feeble attempts at story don't cut it). Ahem... Anyway, you guys know the scene at Fogbound Lake? I loved the music there, so I convinced my non-Pokefan of a partner to assist me in creating a Downtempo remix of the soundtrack there. I recommend headphones or a subwoofer, because like all Downtempo, the bass is a sub. *Note, this track is not done and is subject to change.

Tell me what you think. Somebody should totally voice act that scene when I am done. :D

Track Info:
Title: Pokemon - Fogbound Lake (Sundans Downtempo Remix) WIP
BPM: 80
DAW: FL Studio 10
VSTs: Sytrus, 3xOsc, .Sfz2Player, Toxic Biohazard
Genre: Downtempo
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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