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Default [IA] Mundus Perfectus: The Reader-Created IA

In an alternate universe were everything *SEEMS* perfect, there is a planet. On that planet is a creature that is with a bunch of the same creatures. In which, some of those creatures are different. Some have nonfunctional legs, arms, heads, et cetera. Some have huge houses/living space, others have small ones. Some ride in a form of another creature, be it living or made; others walk/float/whatever. However, there's a disturbance. No one knows why it's there, or even what it is in the first place. They only know that someone can stop it. Yet, they don't know if it's a male or a female, let alone if it is an alien of some kind. Will it be a human, or some big gray headed figure? Just kidding, they know that it is a humanoid creature, just not if it's a furry, or something from some series that this person explaining all of this has read/watched/played. But, it is this creature's destiny to save his/her planet/solar system/many solar systems, maybe with some friends...? But, what will YOU do?

-The seeming perfect part was a lie, sorry. Nothing is perfect, it's like how we live now.


1) PE2K rules apply

2) Creative Writing rules apply

3) In this, everything is created by the Fourth Wallers. (You) You dictate who looks like what and what their planet is.

4) It can be directed from other series (EX: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, InuYasha), but, I will NOT accept, let alone consider, direct characters from those series. Also, no one from Hentai/Porn. Gods no.

5) Nothing can be dictated that DIRECTLY RELATES TO ANY FORM OF HENTAI/PORN/SEX. Characters can be in a relationship and have children or whatever, but, guys, seriously. Keep it at this.

6) Keep swearing to a minimum when giving commands. (Explained below) Try to keep it to "hell" only, but not full of swear words.

7) In this, people can post what they would like to happen even if someone else has posted. However, I will pick the best (My personal favorite) on an event if it is essentially for the same thing.

8) Have fun. :)


>: The general command. When having a character do something, use a format like this:

>Borg: Eat that pie.

There will be very few times where you won't use the >: command.

>*: Continue on a constant stream of actions. Say someone put ">Trent: Use computer." If you put ">*," then Trent would do what he naturally likes to do on the computer. If he liked to hack, he would hack. If he liked to play games, he would play games.

>Switch to ____: Switch the perspective of a current character to another one. It can be used to switch to inanimate objects as well, but it is not recommended. Or it is. I don't care. :P

>Get on with it.: Switch to an animate object/character so the story can continue. I will allow this after two events where the perspective is in the view of an inanimate object and nothing interesting has happened.


You may now post! The first prompt is:

You are in the middle of a universe. There is a planet there with one revolving moon. What shall this planet be called?

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