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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


Zayna steps onto to Route 4. The cover of the trees provides a cool shady path. In the distance you can see the path only gets darker. Along the side the road you notice a man pacing back and forth do you approach?

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"Char?" Blaze cocked his head, being the first to spot the odd man. An enormous backpack rested on his back, and as he paced back and forth the pots and pans hanging from the pack clanged together. I bit my lip as we neared him. Glancing down the route, I knew I still had a ways to go to get to the next town. I could ignore the stranger and continue on my way, and get there quicker. But from the way the man was pacing back and forth... He certainly seemed distressed about something.

...Ugh, stupid sympathy.

Giving in to my concern, I approached the man and kindly asked, "Excuse me, sir--is everything all right?"

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