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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


As Zayna walked over the Confused young Jeff stood there confuzzled. Zaynas words snapped him out of his focus.

"uhh...are you any good at navigation ? Cause i've been stuck here for a couple of days."

Jeff lifts the map showing it her.

A map has been presented to you, do you help him out.

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Thinking I have the navigational skills of a goldfish

I had to laugh inwardly. I was still so new to this region, and I had certainly gotten lost several times already on this crazy adventure. Still, the least I could do was try to help this guy. I accepted the map from him and took a good look at it, trying to get a sense of what it was saying.

"Er, where is it that you're headed to?" I decided to ask before trying to decipher it further.

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