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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Meghan (Alyssa)
Location: Pokemon Center, Azalea Town

(All OK)

Other Items:
Murkrow Egg

Points: 95

Meghan could only nod, feeling her stomach tighten with guilt at the tone of Lee's words. She wished things hadn't happened the way they did..that they had turned out differently. Without another word, she moved past Lee into the Pokemon Center. She didn't talk to Seth or Frita as she passed them, just focusing on healing her pokemon. She took a moment to herself inside the pokemon center, letting out a shaky breath. Things would be harder now...

Lee had given her Seth's map, and the handwriting was unmistakable. Seth had been trying to lead them into a trap. But then there was Lee, who Meghan couldn't forgive. She finally pushed the doors open, staying completely silent as she re-joined the group.

-You told me to not let my anger take hold..- She thought quietly, almost wishing that the person...The vision she had had would come back. -It' hard.-

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