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Default Re: The Epic Battle Game

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Well seeing as they are mortal men challenging an Egyptian god of the dead, they would have to die before encountering him... So they would lose before they ever actually started. Apparently the God of Mummification... he would help embalm and bury them.

Anubis vs Horus
Since Anibus is pretty much bolted to the ground and Horus is the god of the skies Horus would have no problem whipping up a sandstorm (considering the battlefield is a desest cuz its northern africa lol) to drive Anibus away, however, since they both are adept to the harsh weather in the desert, Ainbus would probably get bored and go play with some corpses, or Horus would get bored and go home, whoever is more patient, I think Anibus is more patient since he spends most of his time around dead people

Anibus vs Ashura; the avatar of war
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