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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

JC and Chimchar reached the edge of the forest and pasused. Nova's Outpost was here. They paused looking into the Outpost from a distance.

"Alright..We're here."

Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Currently: In the outskirts of Nova Outpost
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril, Clover

We arrived at the edge of the forest and the outpost was just some minutes away. But we couldn't take the easy path and take the risk of getting caught, surely there was another way to enter the Outpost. And it would help to know just where were all the captives at, that way we can save some time and avoid unnecesary battles. I decided to ask Emma for help since she lived in the Outpost.

''Oi, Emma. Do you know of an alternate route that we can take to reach the outpost without getting spotted? And also, where are they keeping your dad and the other captives?'' I waited for Emma's answer, hoping that she could answer this questions.
Nova Outpost, you notice, isn't much to speak of. The small village is merely a collection of buildings and temporary shelters, built within the shadow of the Nightfall Mountains. Though appearing innocent enough, you can tell the outpost is in lock-down. Black vans devoid of identification are parked on the dirt roads, surrounding the houses. The entire perimeter of the village is being guarded by men dressed like the grunts you encountered on Route 5. The three of you are keeping your distance, for now, staying well out of their line of sight.


Emma bites her lip as she thinks about Luis' question. "Well... They're keeping a close eye on the road from Route 6... but they might not be expecting anyone to come from the opposite side, from Nightfall Labyrinth. Maybe...? I don't know, maybe we could try sneaking around back?" She frowned uncertainly. To answer the last part of Luis' question, she pointed at a tan building towards the back of the village. "My father's being kept in the research facility there, along with some other scientists and a few of the locals... But... it looks like they're being heavily guarded..."

The nervous girl was, of course, referring to the two men guarding the door to the facility, each having an especially brutal looking Pokemon by their side: a Kangaskhan and an Ursaring. They looked like mean business--but perhaps you'll find some creative way to get around them. Hopefully.

Emma seemed to think about their situation a bit, then quietly replied, "Come on, I think I might know where we could--"

A hand shot out from the nearby underbrush, abruptly seizing Emma's wrist. The girl gave a shriek of alarm before she was pulled into the forest against her will. Startled, the two of you give chase, slipping into the thick undergrowth after her. You stumble into a darkly shaded copse of trees, where you barely spy a man holding your escort captive.


"What are you doing here?" the man demands, his grip staying firm even as Emma tries to squirm out of his hand.

You're both really quite confused at this point, for this person isn't one of the apparent bad guys--he's dressed in the uniform of a Celestian Pokemon Ranger.

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