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Default Re: Breaking New Ground

Curating Lotad


Overall, this is a bit more simple than the last few images you’ve uploaded, but still solid. I’m also seeing a pattern of soft color palettes and sharp, non-bordered edges in a lot of places, as well as good gradients and shading. This one is like a captured moment in the Lotad’s day, just scooting out of the water for one reason or another. Very nice!


I like your style of keeping things un-outlined in black to give it a crisp, semi-realistic edge that is unique to your style. I wonder, though, why you wouldn’t give the same treatment to Lotad, who seems a simple enough ‘mon to try that technique on. However, the setup of this image and great background make that detail pretty minor. This is fairly simple at first glance, but as I look more into it, I see your use of gradients, fine white lines for highlights in the clear, calm water, and ‘muddiness’ of the silt near the waterbanks. I really like this!


As I said in the beginning, the colors are soft and muted, looking more ‘natural’ than a lot of canon Pokemon artwork. It’s relaxing to the eyes and puts the viewer in a sort of calm mood. I also get the sense that it’s about to rain, with the grayness reflection of the water and the general dullness of the colors. Your mood setting is excellent in this piece. The gradients are a nice touch in the sand leading to the water, as well as the color change in the reeds. I also like the dim reflections in the water that fade out under the rocks in the back and the reeds closer to the viewer. I do think that you could have used some shading on those reeds and perhaps a few more more details on Lotad himself. He seems to be a bit... plain, especially his little lily pad on his head. I think you could have used a bit more ‘grass’ or ‘leaf vein’ pattern in certain colors.

Pokemon Accuracy

Lotad looks correct! He’s not a complicated little guy, but you’ve got his shape and size spot on here as well as his few details.


1. Try using less black outlining on your subjects; i.e., the Lotad in this picture. It’s your strong suit and I think you could pull that off like you did with that Gothorita image a while back.
2. A bit more shading can give more shape to your picture, like the reeds that seem a bit like a big blob of pointy grasses near Lotad. I also think you could use highlights to put leafy details on Lotad himself and put some grass/moss in the green blobs on the banks of the water.


I give you a 50/100 for this picture, meaning that Lotad is caught.

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