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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Side Pokemon;

Red grinned at Meg
"My winning personality should do the trick right..."

He walked ahead with Charlie following right behind.

Red looked to the cops who had quickly turned there attention to him.

"You ! Stop where you are!"

As the guns raised up towards him, Red stayed calm.
"Officers we are on officially business from Ericka. We have been appointed to seek out the a group of thieves that are simply known as the shadow.."

Red had made up the title but made it sound like he knew what he was doing.

The puzzled cops responded.
" The shadow ?"

The second guard stepped forward.
"maybe the kids referring to those creepy guys who have been attacking us.."

The first guard shushed him, looking back at the group he responded.
"If you are telling the truth what do you plan on doing to stop them, they are stronger than most of our officers, what can a bunch of kids do?"

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