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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

To everyone who reads this, I'm leaving PE2K. I've had a fun time here, with the Wi-Fi League, the URPG, ASBL, and WFL Version 2, but, like always, you can't hold on to things forever. I made lots of friends here, sure, but a majority have left PE2K for various reasons. I've also had a blast being a moderator here, albeit of a lesser section. I was planning to stay here for a little longer, until the day the moon crashes on the little town of four directions. Alas, I must leave here. A lot of people I knew are gone, the site is starting to get overridden with spam bots, the ASBL is dead, so there's no real reason for me to stay, especially now that I'm on PXR and a lot of my favorite things from here are there. Although it pains me to say it, this is one of my last words here. I'll only pop in from time-to-time to sneak in something for a contest or whatever for the URPG. Unless some mIrAcLe happens here that makes PE2K full of life like when I first came here, I'm not coming back. Until then, goodbye.


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