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Okay... Here are all of my ideas thus far. I'll edit this if I come up with anything else.

The Pokemon Giveaway:


I was thinking that the Pokemon to be given away should be 100% guaranteed to help the trainer's first gym battle, no matter what starter they chose. After having a good start on that, the rest of the game should go fairly well.

For instance, I was thinking about giving away Shroomish if the GCEA is Hoenn as it helps with the first gym and can later become a good Pokemon if the players decide to keep it on their teams.

Ideas for Hoenn:


I was thinking that if we went with the Hoenn GCEA and started off with a small group of players that we would make the version GCEA Emerald.

The reason why is that we would incorporate Team Aqua and Magma as the villains, but the players would be a third green colored group (like the Emerald game protagonists) and would be trying to stop Aqua and Magma.

And then as the story goes on and we have a lot of players, we would have the team split for either of the two following reasons:

-Conflict of Interest: Leading the groups to split up into Magma (Ruby) or Aqua (Sapphire)

-Going Undercover: Depending on how the story takes, the group may actually still wish to be together but would want to go into Team Magma and Aqua undercover and bring the respective teams down when the time comes. (IE, when they try to get control of Kyogre and Groudon.)


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