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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Okay so we know Hoenn is going to be the way to go. Before we start getting to many ideas being mixed together. I felt it was important to cover some back story stuff.

First Dredd is gone. Just Dredd, Max is still alive and will get referenced in two parts of the story.

As Far as Dredd goes, there will be a small gang that appears and is referenced as the dreadnoughts and they will be a group of weaker psychics really they are just going to be a gang taht appears not in any major way.

Meghan, Latio, Gold and the two girls Sera and char will be in it. At the point of the story.

Sera and Char will be in position of the Articuno. Well it will be with them as they are studying the effects of the random weather patterns.

Latio and Gold will appear as pokemon legendary trainers and i am consider giving latio a celebii.

Meghan story which will be the only story that is a continuation of the old story will be in position of 2 legendary pokemo from this region and her story will be continuing into the next region. Her story will be link directly with Max's part in the next region. Just so its clear she will have with her Rayquaza and Mewtwo (Mewtwo being conected to Max and Rayquaza is crucial to Max's back story. Yes this has been covered in GCEA before.) Rayquaza part in the story will be important so to what degree Meghan appears is being worked on.

The most basic things to understand is that weather will play a big part. The Eon Twins will appear together (in both threads)

Each team will meet up with legends.

With the amount of Legendary pokemon, each person will be allowed to at least temporarily be allowed to catch a legend. The reason I say temporarily is because in the pokemon world it is understood that only the highest class of trainer could even hope to get one obey.

Those are a few things to think about before hand.

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