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Default Re: The Rocket Wars (Rated M)

(Flashback to the Knight Island attack)
Hordes of Rocket Grunts were jumping out of helicopters, unleashing several Pokemon such as Crobat, Raticate, Houndoom, Hypno, Machamp, Muk, Arbok, Weezing, Honchkrow, Porygon-Z, Magnezone, were raiding the island, kidnapping Peggy and Pachirisu, as she was the only other survivor, and Eric's Drapion had just evolved from Skorupi, going berserk on any Rocket Grunt that came within ten feet of its Trainer. Eric's Parents, Nigel and Svetlana Damon, lay dead outside their door.

"See if there are any other survivors!" the lead Grunt shouted.

Eric was barely conscious, and a female Grunt decided to see if he was alive. Eric feigned being dead to save his own life, and whispered something to the Grunt.

"Let my girlfriend go... or die." he muttered,

She refused to listen to Eric's threat, pulled out a pistol, and attempted to shoot him in the head. Drapion, however, had other plans, and crept behind the scumbag.
Eric got up with the remainder of his strength, and commanded his Drapion, as the rest of the grunts were retreating after an apparently successful attack.
"It's over, mate. Drapion. Use Cross Poison and tear this b**** to shreds."

Drapion hissed at her, and obeyed, ripping her in half with its pincers and decapitating her with its tail claw.

Eric silently returned Drapion to its Pokeball, collapsing after.

Meanwhile. Mewtwo was hunting down Team Rocket, and found Eric unconscious, mistaking the knocked out Trainer as Eric's dead grandfather, who saved Mewtwo fifty years ago.

"Everything will be alright, Vladimir." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo teleported itself and Eric to safety.

When Eric woke up, he was in a bed deep in Mewtwo's lair.

"Vladimir? He died three years ago. I'm his grandson, Eric! Also, since you were so kind, and brave enough, to save me like that, my Master, I am in your debt. But I have a request: My girlfriend and her Pachirisu were stolen away from me during the attack, and she means more than the world to me. I have to save her when I get all of my strength back. I know you want my revenge on those bastards, and so do I. They killed countless people I held dear to my heart, including my parents. But I can't do it without Peggy." Eric explained on a single breath.

"Master? No... I sympathize with you, and therefore... We are equals, my comrade. I will help you save the woman you love, expecting nothing in return. As long as Team Rocket is destroyed" Mewtwo replied, confused as to why Eric called it his "Master".

"Great, mate. We're comrades. I just hope Peggy is alright." Eric said, coughing. "I still need my rest. I could've died out there."

Eric then went back to sleep in order to heal his wounds, and Mewtwo teleported off somewhere.
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