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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru and Kiseki watched as Bill completed his transformation, although he had to leave the house before he did so in order to escape the crushing feeling that would come with his being in a house uninvited after he had turned.

After he was invited in and had settled down on the couch with some alcohol from Damon, who explained how it helped with cravings, Ichiru’s attention was drawn to Kol, Kotomi and the toddlers, who were having yet another bowl of ice cream. Despite his annoyance toward the fact that Kol was getting his children hyper against the wishes of their parents, he couldn’t help but chuckle at Ashley’s muttered comment.

“How about the two of you and Aiden watch them until they’re burnt out tonight, then?”

“Why me too?” The red haired Vampire finally spoke up for the first time in a little while from his place on the couch that Kiseki and Caroline had previously been sitting on.

“Because.” Ichiru replied simply, turning his gaze to the older Vampire.

“I haven’t done anything!” Aiden’s response made Kiseki laugh, but Ichiru held back his own and turned away from him as he answered.

“You will eventually.”

“That’s not a reason!”

The playful argument was cut short when a knock suddenly came from the door, bringing all three boys’ attention to it. Caroline’s reaction when she answered the door was enough to tell all of them who was there.

“Go away!” She growled at the person on the other side of the door, but her wishes weren’t granted, for a few seconds later, Klaus made his way into the house. The instant he laid eyes on him, the emerald in Kiseki’s eyes flickered to red briefly as black veins tried to fight their way onto his face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kotomi demanded what all of them were probably thinking.

“I came to warn you. All of you.” Klaus responded, and had it not been for Caroline returning to Kiseki’s side and lacing her fingers with his own, he probably would have attacked the other male regardless of what he had to say.

“What warning?” Isobel asked.

“My Hybrids have heard word of a group coming to Fells Church… a group coming to kill Diana, Abigail and Scarlet.”

“Excuse me?” As Ashley responded with a growl, now it was Ichiru’s turn to fight back the change in his facial features.

“This group found out that Diana’s and the toddlers’ blood is the only thing that is able to make my Hybrids, so if that source is eliminated then there won’t be any more Hybrids.” Klaus explained.

“Are you just screwing around with our heads so I would forgive you?” Caroline challenged

“Of course not! I just found out this information five minutes ago and then quickly came here. Freeing Kol and Kevin was my way of an apology.” Klaus answered. “I just wanted to let all of you know, and that I’ll still do whatever I can to protect all of you. I’ve done my part.”

With that, he stormed out of the house, leaving a heavy silence in his wake. The sound of Abigail’s and Scarlet’s faint cries tore both Kiseki and Ichiru out of their battle with their own rage, the two of them looking back at the toddlers who were shaking behind their parents.

“Nothing is going to happen to the two of you or to Diana.” Ashley comforted them, leaning down and wrapping her arms around them protectively as Ichiru released a sigh in an attempt to get rid of the last of his rage.

Kiseki’s had dissipated completely with the strong foreboding he suddenly felt. He didn’t want to say anything, considering the fact that they were trying to calm the toddlers, but somehow he felt that something really bad was going to happen.

Because of that, he was unable to offer any cheerful words once again, and instead gave Caroline’s hand a light squeeze in his uneasiness.

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