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Default Re: Trading any pokemon for some Lengendary Pokemon (Mew)

Originally Posted by Sweetcandy View Post
i'm trading any pokemon you want except legendaries i want legendary pokemon ok i pretty much have any pokemon tell me and i might have ok and i'm giving away starter pokemon too plus i changed my mind i 'll give away a mespirt and phione too for some legendary.*Cough* MEWhelp a fellow pokemon fan out please
pokemon generation 4 heartgold
ps only have one mespirt and phione so rplay quick
and i'll help evolve any of your pokemon
If people aren't trading u for what u want maybe it's because ur a gen behind everyone or have nothing people want and u will be 2 gens behind in 3 months on July 12 so either get gen 5 now and complete it or ur Sorry out of luck for the most of the pokemon world of collecting. FYI Report not following forum rules and double posting.

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