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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Good morning, Caroline.” A familiar voice brought Kiseki to turn his head toward the front door, which the blonde had just answered. Unlike a little over a decade ago, he was able to greet the Hybrid who was welcomed into the house a few moments later with a smile. Over the course of time, they had all finally settled their differences and become allies, which he was extremely thankful for. Things had been peaceful again for quite some time now, and he hoped it would stay that way.

After a few moments, Caroline asked Ashley if she could talk to her about something, and the two of them disappeared upstairs, leaving Klaus, Abigail, Scarlet and himself remaining. He knew that Aiden was in the library with the others, but had yet to see Ichiru.

Not knowing that his brother had ventured into the library as well and was currently teasing Aiden over his sister and assuming instead that he was upstairs somewhere, Kiseki got up quietly and headed for the stairs. As he approached the room that Ichiru and Ashley shared, it didn’t occur to him that Ashley and Caroline would be talking inside; he thought that maybe Caroline had taken Ashley into their own room to talk. So when he had opened the door a crack and heard voices, he was surprised.

“You are?” Caroline’s shriek startled him as he pushed the door open further. “Does Ichiru know?”

“No one knows.” Ashley’s voice came in response. “I took a test two weeks ago but haven’t told anyone yet.”

“You’re excited though, right?”

“I just haven’t found the right moment to tell him.”

It didn’t take long at all for the dark haired teen to piece together what the girls were talking about, and once realization struck, he finally opened the door completely, spotting the two in the bathroom.

“You’re pregnant?” He managed to keep his voice low as he spoke, but couldn’t hide the excitement in it. Shortly after speaking, he seemed to realize that he had just intruded on what was probably supposed to be a private conversation, and gave the girls an apologetic look. “Sorry… I was looking for Ichiru and happened to overhear.”

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