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Default Re: kazu's shop - [LF] PC-nagoya, PCNY, 10 aniv (06808), sutanpu (30821)

Kazuhiro i was googling some event pokemon and have just seen this site and your shop. thing is i really need this:
Nagoya・・・BULBASAUR, 03.11.06, Calm
Nagoya・・・CHARMANDER, 06.11.06, Adamant
Nagoya・・・SQUIRTLE, 06.11.06, Modest
Pcnya・・・GLOOM, ID 00184
Pcnyd・・・GLOOM, ID 00339
Pcnyb・・・SHEDINJA, ID 00093

so i hope you are still here. if so, let me know so we can set something
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