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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 35
The Jade Sword

The four Wind Strikers and their leader Vorox were the only force that could stop us now. And having heard from Vice that Vorox nearly killed a thousand of our troops was exactly the morale-boosting comment we needed to start fighting back…

“Vice, who the hell is this guy!?” Randy shouted in fear.
“He’s known as the Jade Sword, a ruthless and cunning soldier, maybe one of the best elites of the Crimson Stars.” Vice told Randy, even beginning to fear a bit himself, “Believe it or not, whoever kills him will be advanced five ranks in the Silver Rebellion Army and will be given the Serious Decoration of Honor.”
“What an incentive…” I remarked, still not finding that enough to embark on an assisted suicide of fighting this guy.

I then looked to Randy, and knew that if there was any hope of getting the backup we desperately needed, he needed to leave, and now…

“Blitz, get out of here.” I told Randy seriously, “Storm Gale, fly as fast as you can, faster than ever before.”
“Yes, you both need to go, and now!” Vice shouted furiously.

Storm Gale had spread her wings, and jumped into the air, flapping her wings to ascend higher and higher into the air.

“After them!” Vorox shouted to his team, “Kill those two, and do it now!”

Suddenly, the four Wind Strikers flew furiously toward Randy and Storm Gale, and readied their rifles. I gritted my teeth, focused on the four Wind Strikers and aimed my Vulcan Rifle at them. I then pulled the trigger hard, and the rifle roared to life. I aimed for the one closest to Randy and Storm Gale, and I aimed right for the Skarmory’s abdomen. The heavy ammunition rounds tore their way into the Skarmory, sending the first Skarmory and its Aipom rider toward the ground. I didn’t even wince when I realized both of them would be dying a screaming death.

The second rider was a Lombre, already with his aim on Randy. I concentrated on my aim and again pulled the trigger, blasting the Skarmory with an intense amount of ammunition. I heard the Skarmory scream in agony as it completely lost control of its flight. The Lombre was instantly thrown off of the Skarmory’s back, tumbling to the ground. There was nothing that could save the two of them now…

The third and forth Wind Strikers were riding close together, having only watched their two companions get shot down. I was also running out of time, realizing they were drawing closer to Randy. Both riders, a Breloom and an Abra were only thirty feet away from Randy, both with their weapons drawn. If I didn’t stop them now, they were going to kill Randy for sure…

I first aimed for the Breloom, focusing my aim on his back. I then fired the Vulcan Rifle, and I saw the bullets had struck him viciously in the back. When he had fallen off his Skarmory, I aimed for the Skarmory itself, and fired. Moments later, the Abra found himself alone, with no one to help him.

But I watched in horror as he already had his aim on Randy before I had my aim on him. He had fired three times before I had fired upon him, shooting him in the back of the head and sending his lifeless body forward, which tumbled right off the Skarmory. I then aimed for the Abra’s Skarmory itself, and fired ruthlessly upon him. When all four Wind Strikers were taken down, I had frantically looked for Randy. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw both Storm Gale and Randy were okay, never hit once by the Abra’s attack. They were flying safely in the distance, heading right for Symarix. I watched both of them disappear in the distance.

I then turned around and looked right at Vorox. He had glared viciously at me. Meanwhile, the burning red eyes of his Flygon Tychal stared at me with a harsh gaze. Vorox already knew there was no hope for Macomb. Within less than an hour, the whole industrial city would be destroyed, just like what they had done to the many cities of the Silver Rebellion.

“Those were four of my best and fastest fliers…” Vorox growled angrily, “How was a normal, everyday Pikachu like you able to kill them so quickly!?”

There was silence. I ripped off the Crimson Stars badge that was on my chest and threw it on the floor. I then threw down my rifle, and pulled out the Pokéball containing Latias, otherwise known as Blazewing. I tossed the Pokéball into the air, and it struck the metal floor. The light had poured out from the Pokéball, and had formed into Latias. She had looked up and immediately knew her enemy…

“That’s because I’m no ordinary Pikachu.” I told Vorox with a firm voice, “My name is Juno.”

And for one dark moment, Vorox had seemed surprised, struck with the look that I had arrived far too early than he had expected. I could see in his harsh gaze that he had only expected me to come when Symarix was crumbling before him, when the last city of the Silver Rebellion was doomed to fall and there wasn’t any hope in the world to save it.

“So, the Gold Rider has come at last…” Vorox said mockingly, “But I don’t believe in prophecy. I’ve ruthlessly slaughtered hundreds of Silver Rebellion pigs without mercy, and you Juno… You’re just like all the others…”
“I will let nothing stand in my way of achieving my ultimate goal.” I told Vorox seriously, “Not your soldiers, your Wind Strikers, and not you or your Crimson Stars…”

He had laughed, just as a flash of lightning had lit up the dark and twisted sky above him. He had shown me his two gigantic sickle arms and the blood red sky was reflected in them. I could tell with those same sickles he had killed many honest and pure Silver Rebellion soldiers without mercy.

“Come on, Juno!” Vorox shouted, nearly screaming in laughter, “Let me prove to you I am your worst nightmare!!”
“I guess that makes us even…” I shouted back to him, picking up the Vulcan rifle.

I then jumped on Latias’s back, and strapped myself with the leather straps that had been tied around her. Once I had secured myself on her back, Latias had leapt into the air, and once we had flown above the ground, we turned around to face Vorox and Tychal, our adversaries.

I will let nothing stand in my way of achieving my ultimate goal…

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